here, but not here

For the past ten days I have done almost nothing but write.

The dishes piled up for days, the house was untidy, unclean, and unorganized. I did just enough to make sure we all ate and got where we needed to be. But other than that? I have been writing.

I’m doing a writer workshop of sorts last week and this week for six hours a day. Two hours learning about the craft of writing + 2 hours of writing + 2 hours of workshopping that writing. I have an hour drive there and an hour drive back. At home I write some more.

Some of the pieces you have seen. This and this and this and this and this.  Plus I reworked some things that I had posted in the past. Many things have become poems that I may or may not post.

There are also many pieces that I will probably never share.  They are just too…close.

One of the things we were told was that good writing goes for the jugular.  Well there were a few times that I didn’t just go for the jugular, I went for the nuts too.  Writing like that is exhausting.

I am exhausted.


But it’s good.  I needed this kick in the ass.  I needed this push to be better.  I had gotten in a rut and I had lost faith in my writing abilities.

The past ten days have reminded me that I have more to draw from than I had previously thought.

It may be painful; it may be hurtful; it may be something I’ve been avoiding, but it’s there.

I have two days left.

Bear with me.

I hope to get back to my emails and my twitters and my facebooks and my reader and my blog reading and my whatever elses in this social media world once I get my portfolio completed and sent away.

Until then…I will be writing.


One of my pieces is at Motherhood Unadorned today.  I am talking about one of my current challenges of being a mom:  the depression.  Please head over and let me know what you think.