spreading my writer wings

Fact:  when something in political news has me riled up, Cortney has been known to look over the opinion page of our newspaper and decide I am not allowed to read it if there are letters or columns that will make me stabby and yelly for the rest of the evening.

Fact: The city where we live (and where we grew up) is famously (notoriously?) conservative.  There are some liberal-minded folks, but the majority are from the Christian Right.  We even spawned former state Representative Pete Hoekstra from our city.  You’re welcome.

Fact: Most people ’round these parts are single-issue voters.  And their stance on the issue they feel passionate about is almost always the exact opposite of my view.

Fact:  Many of my wonderful friends and awesome family are quite conservative.  I love them anyway because they love me despite my bleeding heart.  Political views and beliefs do not stop love.

Fact: I have tried, for the most part, to keep my political views off this blog.  I am sure you can guess from my affinity for education and my stance on human rights what most of my political views are, but that is not what this blog is about. Sluiter Nation is about my family and our struggles and joys.  Not whom we want you to vote for or what we wish you would believe.

Fact: Sometimes it’s hard to not write political rantings here.

Which is why I am SUPER excited to tell you all that, as of next weekend, you can find me on staff writing for the {newish} blog, Borderless News and Views! The goal of the site is to “Educate, Entertain, and Eradicate Borders.”

I will be writing under the categories of Lifestyle (every other weekend) and Social Change (every other week).  I’ll post a link here each week, but you can follow us on twitter and facebook as well.

I’m really REALLY excited about this new opportunity, but I know some of you won’t want to come along due to a difference of opinion.  And that is ok.

I will keep Sluiter Nation the same.

And hopefully, even if your beliefs aren’t the same as mine, you’ll still continue to love me anyway.