winner alert!

The winner of the Shutterfly coupon code for FIFTY free announcements is….


I’ll be contacting you soon!

And thank you all for the well-wishes on our plans to try, try again for another small Sluiter!

Celebrate Kate birthday giveaway WINNERS

I have been having a LOVELY birthday weekend!

Which is why I am four hours late in announcing the winners of my giveaways.

But here they are!

The people who are getting gifts today on MY birthday!

First is the Hugs and Kisses $25 shop credit:

Gina (@gsc418) who said…

If you didn’t win, don’t forget that you can get 25% off through tomorrow (March 28) with the code HAPPYKATIE !


Next up is the Herbal Philosophy organic tea (3 tins):

Miranda (@mylifeinsideout) who said…

If you didn’t win this one, you can get 15% off until March 31 with the code SLUITERNATION.


Next week have the TWO winners of the snack bags with embroidery from Sew Curly:

Suz B (@suzstreats) who said…

AND Tracy Mossburger who said…

If you didn’t win this one, you can still get 10% off through Tuesday (March 29) with the code SLUITER


And lastly, we have the $33 shop credit from Eleri Evans Designs:

Stephanie T. who said…

And if you didn’t win this one, you can still get a whopping 33% off by using SLUITER33 at checkout!


Yay!  Congrats to all the winners!  I will be contacting you soon and you will have 48 hours to respond or I will redraw a winner.

And now I will leave you a sneak peek at how awesome my day has been:

Full Birthday in Review coming tomorrow…stay tuned.

And thank you all so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes.

I am truly so very lucky.

For the Love…Of Blogging WINNERS!

This is it!  The winners of all the giveaways!

Seriously…thank you all SO much for such a great week!  If there is interest (and bribes of wine and chocolate) Miranda and I may be coaxed into doing it again some time.

Ok, here they are….

Peggy Ann Design….

James (James and Jax Blog)

Sarah Bee Creations…


The Thomas The Train Set…

Chris (daddysdown)

Bird E Studios….


Pink Bow Bath Boutique…


JSancken Photography….



Twenty Five Design…



Trisha V

YAY!!!  Congrats to all of you…I will be sending an email or some sort of communication to you in case you are not sure if it’s you or not.

And if you entered the giveaways at Not Super…Just Mom, check to see if you won over there!

Happy Sunday!!

25 Design Winner and Eddie with Senator Hair

As promised…the winner of the Twenty Five Design Giveaway is….

Yay, Abigail!  Email me at ksluiter (at) hotmail (dot) com
You have 48 hours (until noon on Monday) to claim your prize or else I will choose another!
And then because I just couldn’t do a post strictly about a winner, I thought I would show you what happens when Cort bathes Eddie when I am not home…
Cortney combed Eddie’s wet little head down all slick and straight…
He apologizes to Eddie on the daily for the curls.
But I love them!  They are so cute.  Although….
Having his hair combed over like a little senator is cute too!
Hope your weekend is going fabulously!!!

Friday Flip-offs #6 and the Giveaway Winners!

Before I start flipping stuff off from my week, I need to get down to some much awaited business.  That would be the business of the winners….so….here they are:

Tie A Little Ribbon $15 Store Credit:  Pua
JSanken Photography prints:  Tricia
Gussy $30 store credit: Ann
Bird E Studios bib, paci clip, diaper clutch bundle:  Blair
The Vintage Pearl $25 store credit: Mormishmom
Yay!!!  I am super excited for all of you!  You have 48 hours (until Sunday morning) to claim your prize by emailing me at ksluiter (at) hotmail (dot) com.  If you don’t get to me by then?  I will draw a new winner.
Oh, and come back next week!  25 Design and I are teaming up for…ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!  Woot!
And now for the less exciting stuff….the flip-offs.

First?  I need to re-flip off roseola.  Just because um, hello?  you struck my son TWICE this summer!  That is not even supposed to be able to happen!  You are mean and make him grumpy and sad. Cut it out!  and?  FLIP OFF!

Next, I am going to go ahead and flip off long, boring meetings. I realize that back to school means meetings.  I get that.  But why, oh why do they have to be so long and boring?  We hear the same thing every year (or semester depending on which of my teaching jobs we are talking about).  Either how great the school is doing and growing and how they can’t do it without us or how we are still losing students and cuts are imminent (again) and that we need to work harder on improving test scores.  I mean, can’t this be summed up better?  Or have the time be more useful?  I don’t know…it just sucks to jam it all in at once and burn everyone out right at the start..  so, um…FLIP OFF!

Also, I need to flip off rude emails.  In my experience, if you don’t know what you are talking about?  Don’t go on a rant.  You look like an idiot.  And?  I will flip off your email on my blog.  So flippity flip off.

And lastly, on a serious note, I want to flip off unemployment.  Really, unemployment?  You suck the worst.  Not because you rob our family of money for groceries, bills, and Eddie’s college fund (well for those things too), but because you make my wonderful, talented, sweet husband feel like crap from time to time. He tries so hard not to let you get to him, but sometimes?  You make him feel like less than he really is and that makes me want to go all medieval on you.  I hate you, unemployment.  Hate.  So I am flipping you off.  And if I could?  I would also kick you in your arse. And tell you to suck it.

WHEW!  Ok!  That feels better!

What is that you say?  You want even MORE flip-offs?  Well, then, head over to my girl, Kludgy Mom’s and read hers (and the eleventy billion others who have linked up)…and if you are feeling all flippity too?  Join in!

My Favorite Part…

My favorite part about doing giveaways is pushing the button on to get the winner.  No…wait…looking up who is that number is my favorite.  But it is oh so hard to keep the fun news to myself…so here is the winner of the sweet card design and a packet of 25 cards printed…

And number 28 is JULIE!  Julie writes the blog …back to the basics… and she is AWESOME!  I am so excited for her!  She recently guest posted for me at my other blog, Katie’s Bookcase, about some of her favorite reads for the summer.  And I will be guest posting over at her blog next week!  So CONGRATS, JULIE!!!

Winner, Winner, Zoup for Dinner!

Announcing winners is my FAVORITE part of the giveaway process…so here it is…the winner of the Zoup! Holland Giveaway is….

The Garcia Family!!!  Yay!!!  I will be getting in touch with you soon so you can cash in on your $20 Zoup! Gift Certificate!

And just a reminder…if you feel like reading a “real” post by me today, I am over at Nurse’s Notes talking about how my routines this summer are WAY different than summers in the past!  After you read, come on back and tell me what you think!

Drumroll, Please…

I know you have all been on the edges of your seats waiting for the winner of the Barnes and Noble giftcard from Eddie!  And here it is…

Comment number 28 wins…and that is…PUNKINMAMA of Punkinhood who said:

Love this post! They DO grow up tooooo fast! Love that pic of you and Eddie!
Punkinmama just started Punkinhood and you really should go check it out and follow because her little “punkin”?  Is simply adorable!  And I am so glad she now has $25 to B&N to either pick books for Punkin or for herself!  Yay!
And seriously?  I know you are all waiting for the picture extravaganza that was Eddie’s first birthday party, but it is a monstrous project…I promise this week…this week.
Now excuse me while I pop over to Waking Up Williams to check out what the Momma’s Munchies meme is for this Monday.  I totally want to get in on the recipe swap today!

Father’s Day, A Giveaway Winner, and a Tigers Game…Oh My!

Holy COW What a busy couple days we have had here in Sluiter Nation!  This post is all about this weekend:  Father’s Day, A baseball game, and at the end?  You know it!  The mLphotography gift certificate winner!!!

As you all know, today was Cortney’s first Father’s Day!  He was ALMOST a dad last year on Father’sDay.  If you’ve been reading, I’ve

been putting Eddie’s birthday story in installments here on the blog.  First we had to weather a HUGE storm; then we were in a wedding where I was just sluggish all day.  The day after that was Father’s Day…like today we had a million places to be.  First we went and watched Cort’s sis and her new hubs open wedding gifts.  Then we had to bust a move to my side of the family for some Father’s Day fun.  It just seemed like I was moving SOOO SLOWLY.  I had a pretty great pregnancy, but the two days previous definitely took their toll on me and by father’s day I was just ready to be DONE.

This year was even BUSIER.  Yesterday, Cort took me to a Tigers game in Detroit for our anniversary (pics in a minute). We spent the night since it was a night game.  Eddie had a slumber party with his best buds, Jake and Joe (sweet pic of that in a minute too).

So this morning Cort and I busted out of the D by 8:00am so we could pick Eddie up, get home and feed him, get back to my parents’ house and hopefully stop to see Cort’s stepdad.  Turns out Cort’s stepdad had to work, so he wasn’t going to be home, and Eddie MASSIVELY needed a nap (as did his parents), so we ended up back at home.

I feel like the day was such a whirlwind we didn’t get to properly love on the dads.

So here we go (WARNING…this post is going to get lengthy).

That is my dad over there ————–>

And yes, that was taken last year when I was preggo.  My dad is pretty cool.  I told you about him on his birthday.  My dad and I have the same stupid sense of humor according to my mom.  He’s the classic DAD.

He’s the guy that I still swear has ALL the answers to anything.  When I was a kid I remember asking him why we had to set our clocks back and ahead for day lights saving time.  He explained to me why.  I am not sure it was the real reason since I don’t remember him mentioning the government, but he sure acted like he knew.  He was always good like that.  He always does the same thing when he’s going to explain something.  He puts one hand out, closes his eyes for a second like he’s thinking of the best way to explain it and says, “well…” and then starts in.  Best dad ever.

We even have our own song, “Hey, Hey We’re The Monkees.” by The Monkees.  He used to sing it to me at bedtime when I was very little.  It made my night!  And when it was time to walk me down the aisle, instead of getting all sappy (thank you, by the way dad), I started singing, “here we come…walking down the street…” very softly and he laughed.  It was super great.

Father’s Day is hard for me to write about.  For one, I’m not a father.  It’s not like Mother’s Day when I could talk about how great it was to be a mother now and all that I am learning from my mom’s.  Secondly, it’s tough because we are missing a dad.  Cort’s dad died almost five years ago from lung cancer.  He was AWESOME.

Cort was very close with his dad.  They even looked a LOT alike.  This picture was taken a LONG time ago on one of their family boat trips.  He and his dad were two peas in a pod.  It was very difficult to lose such an awesomely funny, loving guy.  He was only my dad-in-law for two months, but he will forever be in my heart.  I got to share some great moments with him in the short time that I could call him Pops.  I know Cort misses his dad all the time, but days like today are even tougher. I know Cort would love to talk “dad” stuff with his old man, and I know he wishes Eddie could have known his Papa Steve.

Cort does have a stepdad though. His parents divorced years ago, and Ray is married to Cortney’s mom. He is just a GREAT guy!  Ray is Eddie’s Grampy and we just love him!  He is the nicest, kindest guy who will do just about anything for the people he loves.

We feel so blessed that we have him in our life!

Today is also about Eddie’s dad-do.  Almost a year ago, Cortney welcomed his little boy into the world and took on the role of father.  He has done even more than I could ever hope in this role.  He helped me with feedings and household stuff after we came home from the hospital.  He went on coffee runs every morning for two weeks to help us be more comfortable with our new little family.

Since being laid off in October, he has stepped up as a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD), and he is AWESOME at it.  His patience far surpasses mine and he is very good about playing with Eddie and knowing all his cues for hunger, sleep, and just grumpiness.  He brings him out on “field trips” each day too!  He is just so loving and wonderful.  Many times I catch myself smiling or tearing up just watching him love our little boy!

Speaking of taking good care of things…Cort takes good care of me too!  For our anniversary, not only did we go out to eat, but we decided to go see at Detroit Tigers baseball game (our FAVORITE team).  It was super great!  We stayed right near the field.  It was only a few short blocks to walk there.

Once there we found our seats and then decided to be on the quest for the Joel Zumaya jersey that I have been desperately wanting…and we found it!

This is us before the game started.  Man were we excited!  And we got there early enough that we could walk around and get some hotdogs and gear before the game started!  FUN!

I got me one of these tasty beverages–pina colada and strawberry daiquiri…YUM!.  Don’t worry, mom.  I remembered NOT to chug it this time.  No sick here!  It was almost 90 degrees though, so I COULD have chugged it.  But instead I sipped it and then had a hot dog and a pretzel.  And a beer.  I was at the ball park after all!

The Tigers played the Arizona Diamond Backs.  It was a pretty exciting game!

Love us some Comerica Park!
Look Mom!  I got a picture of Mags for you!  Your Tiger!  ROAR!
Also had to get a picture of the Fox Sports Detroit booth.  Big ups to Rod standing there!  Whoot!
Oh, and while we were enjoying the game, this is what my son was doing.  We didn’t know when we dropped him off that pool fun would be part of his slumber party, so we didn’t pack his swimsuit.  But not to worry!  The Visels had a spare speedo for him.  And a spare hat!
He is TOTALLY rocking that look, is he not?  Meow.
Back at the game, the Tigers were not winning.  They needed up to RALLY!  So I turned my visor upside down and got my rally on!
It didn’t work.  They lost 5-6.  But we were still happy because it was such a fun time…oh…and the show was SO not over.
Um, yes.  That would be a WEDDING on  home plate after the game! WHAT!? Yes, it’s true.  They won a radio contest!  It was crazy.
After the game and the wedding, we watched the fireworks before walking back to our hotel.  It was such a fun little get away, but we did keep on talking about what Eddie would love about this and that.  We sure missed him!  I guess that is the thing about being parents, you want to get away from the mundane schedule so bad, but when you do, you miss the little guy!  Sigh….
Oh!  Before I forget and wrap up this super long crazy random post, we have a WINNER for the mLphotography $25 gift certificate!  So many people commented who weren’t actually entering the giveaway, that was not going to work out for me.  So I put everyone’s names who WERE entering in my Stetson the number of times they entered (does that make sense???) and Eddie picked a winner:
Oh yeah, and you are NOT allowed to laugh at how broke down I look in this video.  It has been a long day already.  Ahem…anyway…the WINNER…

So congrats!!!

We will be having ONE more giveaway to be announced on Eddie’s birthday (Wednesday).  He wanted to give you all something for being such great readers and peeps.  So one more giveaway to come!  And Eddie’s birthday story to be concluded!

Whew!  hope you all had as much fun as we did!

BEACH! {and Button Giveaway Winner!}

Eddie went to the beach today. He wanted me to show you how much fun he had before I announce the winner of the Custom-designed Blog Button Giveaway…so check out his fun….

Didn’t that look like so much fun?  You want to know what else is fun?  The winner of the custom-designed blog button by my super fun friend mat is….

GRETCHEN!!!  From the Our Journey Blog!!!  YAY!!!  Gretchen, email me at ksluiter (at) hotmail (dot) com and I will get you hooked up with Mat so you can start designing your new button!

Ok, and a sidenote?  Hitting the “generate” button on and then figuring out who #25 is?  Sheer nerves!  It’s like an adrenaline rush!  I think I am addicted to giveaways.

Which reminds me, if you are local to me (West Michigan area), or can make yourself local for a photoshoot?  Enter THIS giveaway.  It runs through Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm EST.

And don’t worry all you non-local yocals…you will be included in Eddie’s final One-Year Birthday Blast Giveaway Extravaganza…keep tuning in!