Project 365 {Week 6}

This week had excitement all over it.

This week was CARPET week!

Carpet for Eddie’s Big Boy Room which means PROGRESS on Eddie’s Room.

We may have been counting down to “Carpet Guy” all week.

February 5: Just a lazy Sunday at home...watching the Super Bowl before bed!

January 6: My view of the fridge as I get my lunch packed for work at 6:30am

February 7: more donated books arrive at my house to be given to my school FREE book shelf!

February 8: Eddie puts Baby to Charlie's bouncey seat.

February 9: THE CARPET IS HERE! The view in the closet.

February 10: daddy and eddie putting together furniture for the Big Boy room

February 11: Just hamming it up with a Ham-stache for lunch

Cortney has been putting in a TON of his weekend time (and sacrificing his knees and legs) to make Eddie’s room complete.

No other pictures yet…patience, my grasshoppers.

Lots to be done yet.

In the meantime, tell me…how was your week?