Project 365: Week 5

The fifth week of 2012 was a much slower one for us.

Which was so very needed.

Lots of time together.

Productivity in getting Eddie’s Big Boy room further along, having Eddie poo and pee on the potty, and just being together.

I moved slower this week…as I probably will for the next five weeks.

Here was our week…

January 29: Lazy Sunday at home just catching up on the news


January 30: One of our fave "quick meals": pizza sandwiches and fries


January 31: I hit the 33 week mark. Only six more weeks til Charlie!


February 1: Eddie and Mommy night = cupcakes for dessert


February 2: Trains with daddy

February 3: censored to protect the innocent


February 4: Eddie and I made these for our "family playdate" with some pretty awesome friends.


This week definitely had it’s giggle moments.

And it’s yummy moments.

How was your week?