I’m Thankful for Crafty Friends

Saturday (the 24th) is Small Business Saturday.

It’s a day that everyone is encouraged to go out (or online) and support your favorite small business.  Later this week, I will be providing a list of great online (and off-line for those local to me) places that you can support if you don’t already have a list of your own.

But today, I want to focus on just one small business:  My friend, Kristina and her online shop called Sew Curly.

I don’t even know where to begin to list all that I love about Kristina and her work.

She is the definition of why supporting small businesses is so important to me.

Let me give you her words about her shop first:

Sew Curly was born out of my need to be more than just a mother to the 3
girls we had in 3 years.

I took my passion for sewing and designing and put
it towards creating things that made our lives as a family easier and more
convenient. Every product I make is thoroughly tested by my own kids (who
are very honest and picky critics). Every product is used daily in our
home, minus the baby items that we have now outgrown.

I love doing custom orders and collaborating with
customer’s visions. In the shop and you’ll find snack and sandwich bags,
chalkcloth placemats, personalized blankets & burp cloths, and appliquéd
shirts & onesies, along with some other items.

Go and take a look at the shop and you’ll find that I make things you’ll love for the loves in your

Kristina makes amazing things.  Every time someone in my life has a baby, I order bibs and burp clothes and snuggle squares or snack bags…you name it.  When Charlie was born I had a hard time choosing what to get…I wanted to get one of almost everything!

But Kristina is more than just cute product.

Kristina is a friend.

That is what I am finding is my favorite things about meeting small business owners.  You get to chat with them about products and customization.  The next thing you know, you’re gabbing on twitter a couple times a week.  Then following each other on instagram.  Maybe you start reading each other’s blogs.

And then you take the big step…becoming facebook friends.  Not just “liking” each other’s pages (you do that too), but actually friending.

You might even text each other from time to time.

You might commiserate over this thing we call Momhood.

That is what Kristina has become to me: a real friend.

She checks up on me when she knows things are rough.

She reminds me these things are only phases.

She celebrates with me during the good.

And I hope I am as good a friend to her as she is to me, but I doubt it.  She gives way more than I deserve.

So I want to share her with you, this friend Kristina who makes pretty things.

When friends and family who don’t understand this finding friends on the internet thing ask me about examples, I always talk about Kristina.

I can’t sing the praises of her work and it’s quality enough.

Both Eddie and Charlie wore things by her forEVER and they never frayed or came unraveled.

Her embroidery is top notch.  We have burp clothes from her and I have given them as gifts confident that they will be well-used and well-loved.

If you have small people on your shopping list this holiday season, I hope you will remember Kristina and Sew Curly.

She puts so much awesome out in the world…she really deserves to get some of it back to her ten-fold.