the sickies…

…our family has ’em.

Well, I should say the sickies are working their way through our family.

I blame Eddie.

I think it all started with him.

He started coughing and hacking weeks ago.  Then Cort started in on the hacking.  It was hack in stereo.

Eddie took the sickies better than Cort did.  Ed would cough and keep on truckin’.

Cort would hack and cough and complain and sleep and cough…until we finally decided he should see the doctor.  You know, just in case.

Yeah, it was a cold.

He took a cough syrup thing and was better in a couple days.

Eddie just kept getting worse.

Until I finally took him to the doctor this past Friday.

The diagnosis?  Allergies.

Um.  What?

You know how you KNOW your kid, and although a professional whom you trust completely may tell you one thing, in your head and heart you are pretty sure that that thing is wrong?

Yeah.  That.

So then Saturday Eddie got a fever.

And Sunday.

And the antihistamine that the doctor put him on made him into a wack a doo.

So the doctor was called again yesterday and an antibiotic was prescribed.  Since the fever, eye goop, and thick green snot that appeared over the weekend were clues that perhaps this was an infection of some kind.

I wish I could say that after one dose it’s starting to clear up, but he woke up a couple times last night from coughing and needed his eyes de-gooped because they fuse shut.

Poor buddy.

I really hope this antibiotic works.  It breaks my heart to see him so crabby and uncomfortable and tired.

Oh, and now I am snotting and coughing and sore throating.

So there’s that.

None of us have gotten the flu shot either.  Because I am not 100% convinced it’s necessary.


Have the sickies hit your family?