Top Ten Tuesday: Movie Madness

Recently Sluiter Nation joined the rest of the world in the 21st century and subscribed to NetFlix.  The service is available through our Wii, and so we decided it was just too easy not to get it.  No mailing things or dropping anything off.  Just a click of the wii-mote and we have TV series and movies and documentaries right there in our living room.

Friday and/or Saturday nights are now popular popcorn and movie nights at our house.  I can’t say we’ve chosen the best things (Cort is a little famous for watching boring documentaries or stupid obscure movies just because an actor he likes is in it.  Never mind the two stars it received.), but we have watched some new things.

But this post isn’t really about new things.  It’s more about old favorites.  The movies that are on my TOP TEN list of favorites.  Movies that if I catch them on TV?  It’s all over.  I will watch them until they are done–even if that is 2:00am on a random Wednesday night.

10. When Harry Met Sally

I am not usually a big “chick flick” fan, but this movie is funny and sweet and did I mention funny?  I love Meg Ryan.

9. The Breakfast Club-

Shut up.  John Hughes is a genius.  I could really just list his movies here and be done, but this is by FAR my favorite of all of them.

8. Apollo 13 –

I can’t NOT watch this movie when it’s on.  For some reason I am totally addicted to it.  I like the Grandma the best.  You know, the lady who plays Tom Hank’s mom.  “Are you afraid?  Don’t be.  My Jimmy could land a washing machine on the moon if it could fly.”  Love it.

7. The Godfather movies (1 & 2 specifically)-

I could watch mafia movies all day and all night, but these are my favorite.  The first one is clearly a classic (“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” and “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday…”) but I LOVE the flashbacks of the second one…the way we get the story of Don Corleone and of course how different Michael is now that he is the Don (“I don’t feel like I have to wipe out everybody, Tom.  Just my enemies.”) .

6. The Big Lebowski –

This movie comes in second as the movie I could watch on repeat for the rest of my life.  I love it that much.  Pretty much anything in life can be responded to with a quote from The Dude, however most are not for my mom’s eyes, so I can’t quote them here.

5. Anchorman –

This movie is hilarious.  Totally dumb, but hilarious.  Again, the quotes from this one are endless, but probably not appropriate for my mother…or Cort’s grandmother…to read.  When I am sad or down or just feeling blah, The Legend of Ron Burgundy will make me smile.

4. Pulp Fiction-

Of all the Tarantino flicks, this one is by far my favorite.  I first saw it when it came out on video when I was in high school. Everything about it was interesting to me.  The non-linear structure, the various stories all going on at once, the swearing.  Oh the swearing.  I felt like this movie made me realize that there was more out there than just Disney and Tom Hanks.

3. Dazed and Confused-

The last summer that I lived at home when I was in college, I watched this movie EVERY DAY.  My parents didn’t have cable and the TV reception in my bedroom was terrible, so every day that I got home from work, I would collapse into bed and watch the coolest version of the 1970’s that I knew.

2. Forrest Gump-

Do I really need to say why this is awesome?  I mean, does anyone (other than Cort) pass this up when it’s on TV?  No, I didn’t think so.

1. The Back to The Future Trilogy-

Choosing one is impossible.  They are one fantastic adventure.  I don’t know how else to prove to you my love of all things B to the F other than with this short story:

My parents took my brothers, Cort, and me to Detroit to see a Tigers ball game.  My dad rented a van so we could all ride together for the 3 hour ride there and back.  As we were pulling out of the driveway, Cort notices the van has a DVD player.  He immediately regretted pointing out that fact.

My brothers and I yelled, “B to the F!” (Why yes, we are all adults.  Why do you ask?)

We watched Part I and half of Part II on our way to the game and the end of Part II and all of Part III on our way home.  Reciting every. single. line. verbatim.

My dad chuckled.  My mom read her book.  Cort died a little.

So what are YOUR favorite movies of all time?  What could you loaf out on the couch and watch hours and hours of?

**Please note that due to the demands on my time with work and my leadership involvement at The Red Dress Club, after next week, my Top Ten Tuesday meme will put on hiatus until summer–when I get my life back a better handle on my schedule.**

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i hate to move it, move it.




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I have always, always hated exercise.

Confession:  I routinely “sat out” in gym class in elementary school because I hated running from one end of the gym to the other.

Confession:  My parents MADE me do recreation t-ball and one season of pitching machine until I proved that I clearly did not want to play by day-dreaming in the outfield or being benched.

Confession: I took a C+ in freshman gym in high school rather than “dress” every day when I didn’t want to do whatever it was we were doing.

Confession:  My dislike of physical fitness was so huge that in college, rather than take an actual gym class for my health requirement, I found the ONE classroom class (drug and alcohol and the body) and took that instead.

Confession:  When I turned 25 and became aware that my super awesome metabolism was no longer super nor awesome?  I tried to just not eat as much rather than have to exercise.  I may have spent and entire summer trying to live on chips and beer (which I realize is silly because they are both fattening).

Confession:  I love food.  Like whoa.

People?  Exercise feels like the devil to me.  I honestly do not understand these endorphins that it is supposed to create.  Maybe I am not doing it right.  Maybe I am not doing the right things.  I don’t know, but I have convinced myself that it is all awful.

And then I found group fitness.

Honestly, when my friend first invited me to her gym to take one of her classes, I looked her tight little body up and down and got extremely queasy at the idea of being the chubby, uncoordinated chick in the corner.

It took months of earnest requests, but with another friend, I finally went.

I was terrified when I walked in and saw mirrors on three of the four walls.

Good Lord, I won’t be able to escape myself…and neither will anyone else.

We found a spot in the back of the room and waited for the class to begin.

Once the music started pumping and we all started moving, I forgot that everyone could see me huffing and puffing and I just got into it…even with my fit little friend jumping around calling me out over her headset.  I just smiled, and sweated, and kept going.

And I felt like hell that night and the next day…and the next week.

I was still skeptical about going back, even though I enjoyed myself.  However when I walked in, I was greeted by the people I had only met a week before saying things like, “Hey!  You’re back!  Awesome!” and “Oh good!  You’re here!  We hoped you would be back!”

The next week, I was actually looking forward to going.  I couldn’t believe it.  Never in my entire life had I ever ever looked FORWARD to working out.

When I became pregnant with Eddie and my OB told me that I had to stop the classes because I was not allowed to burn upwards of 1000 calories in one hour?  I was bummed.  BUMMED!  Me, the anti-exerciser.  The Fail Fonda.  I was SAD I had to cut back on my aerobic activity.

I could have quit completely.

But I didn’t.  My new-found love of working out kept me hitting the treadmill and yoga until Eddie actually wouldn’t let me anymore.  Until he protested with Braxton Hicks and too much reflux.

I never thought I would say this, but because of my positive experience with the gym, I am looking forward to my schedule clearing up in the next month so we can join a local gym and I can get back to a regular workout routine and hopefully join a couple classes.

I had always shied away from group fitness for fear of being the chubby klutz, but when you find the right group?  It’s all encouragement and fun!

yup, the hubs and I did a 5K...ME! the anti-runner!

Now tell me…what have you tried that you thought you would hate?  Did you change your mind about it?

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Top Ten Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Again you can blame the crowd over on twitter for this week’s Top Ten Topic…although this one was on my idea list.  I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spill all my guilty pleasures for all the world to know.

But it is time.  Time for me to come clean about my addictions entertainment.

10. Diet Coke – this one is a huge one.  I had my first swig of the lovely nectar in 8th grade.  My math teacher LOVED the stuff and collected cans in her room.  In pyramids.  I wanted to know what was so great about it.  I was never really able to drink sugary sodas, so this was perfect.

I have been hooked ever since.  My only hiatus was during my pregnancy with Eddie.  I tried to do caffeine free, but it tasted weird and I had the worst reflux known to man.

I have been told to cut out soda to help weight loss.  and I have cut way back, but I just can’t give up the good stuff completely.

9. The Red Carpet – almost any red carpet will do.  Award season is my favorite sport season.  And don’t say it’s not a sport.  It’s totally brutal

8. Fashion Police – Not the show that is now on weekly (although I do not mind that either in fact “bitch stole my look” is my favorite segment on that show), but the actual fashion police after the awards.  For instance tonight?  It will be the Oscars Fashion Police.  You know I will not be missing this.

7. Popcorn – and not healthy, low fat, nothing added popcorn.  No, my favorite?  Movie theater popcorn with TONS of extra butter.  I read somewhere that in a large tub?  You get all the calories you need for one day.  I would so sacrifice the rest of my day’s calories just to sit and mow down on a huge tub of greasy goodness.

6. America’s Next Top Model – admittedly I hate almost all reality shows.  But this one?  I love.  I haven’t watched it that much (I missed the end of the last cycle and I have the first episode of this season on Tivo that I haven’t watched yet), but if there is a marathon on a Sunday?  My day is DONE.

5. Mc Donalds – who am I kidding…it’s really the filet-o-fish from Micky D’s.  And now that it’s the magical season of lent?  You KNOW I get my nom on with the double filet.  My head knows it’s disgusting, my my heart?  Oh my heart is so in love.

4. Facebook – this one IS really guilty because I HATE that I am so addicted to it.  I don’t post all over it like I used to–I use it mainly to keep in touch with people and for my fan pages, but I do enjoy creeping looking at everyone’s pictures and reading their profiles.  It is a bit silly how easy it is to know what people are up to…and also completely addictive.

3. online shopping – specifically etsy.  Oh Mah Lawd how I can get stuck on etsy…for HOURS!  Mostly just browsing, but not always.  Let’s just say my email inbox?  Always has one or two receipts hanging out waiting for shipping info.

2. Peanut Butter M&Ms – Oh how I love you.  And oh how I love that my husband does not buy them every week with groceries or I would be about 72345098 pounds.

1. Twitter – It’s like I can’t be away from it!  I have tweetdeck open on my laptop ALWAYS, I have it on my phone, and I check in at work on the web.  I completely get sucked into EVERY conversation.  It’s probably the same reason I was always up until all hours chatting in real life back in college.  Now I am all over it online.  Sometimes?  It’s a problem. (by the way?  I am @ksluiter if you want to feed my addiction tweet with me).

And now you all know my dirty little secrets…you know why I can’t let the weight go and why when it seems like I am ALWAYS around on twitter?  It’s because I am.

Now it’s your turn to spill.  What are YOUR guilty pleasures?

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McFatty…trying again…again.

I feel like every dang time I am here I am either reporting weight gain or back to square one and starting over.


For each of you who commented that last week’s five pound weight gain was the fault of the Evil Lady Week?  I think you were right.

This morning the scale was at 197.  That is six pounds down from last week.  So the Evil Lady Week bloat minus a pound is gone.

The loss of a pound I attribute to being sick this week.

So, that puts us back to 198.  Which is where I was when I started this thing originally.  Again.

I am still cooking healthy meals and taking healthy lunches.

I have committed to chugging as much darn water as possible.  So far it’s not NEARLY as much as I would like, but I am building.  My goal is to cut out soda almost completely.  Even though I drink diet coke, it still causes unneeded bloat.  And it MAY not be that good for me.

Now that my doc has given me Ambien, I am set on getting good sleep so I can find the energy to exercise 3 times a week.  As many of you commented on this post, a good way to kick some of the depression is to MOVE MY BOOTY.  I totally agree.  Time is definitely a factor, but because Cort and I both get in free to the Ford Field House in GR, we are going to try to get there on my days off.  Other than that I am yet again RE-COMMITTING to using that treadmill in the basement.

no, really.


quit laughing.


So, let’s recap:

  • continue healthy eating (please ignore the chalupa I had tonight)
  • more water
  • better/more sleep
  • more butt moving and less butt sitting.

My first weigh in for Healthy Train is Feb 4.  That is only 3 weeks away.  I really want to have SOMETHING significant lost…even if it just means that I am not constantly swinging back to fricking 198.

Here we go…again.

Back on the McFatty Wagon

Well, first Monday of 2011.  Here we are.

I promised that I would start back up on McFatty since the reasons I quit doing it are all gone.

My evenings are not stressy anymore (or shouldn’t be).  I let go of teaching at the community college for this semester since it was driving my anxiety levels sky-high.  Plus, Cortney will be gone four nights a week for class/bowling, and this way I will be home each evening with Eddie.

That being said, I can make better meals for us.

So for this week’s McFatty I am giving you some facts and goals.

Fact: I am back up to my original weight of 198 from before I started McFatty the first time.  (Thank you cream cheese-based dips and sugary treats over Christmas break).

Fact:  BOTH medications I take are anti-weight loss.  Awesome.  I’m not pregnant or depressed, but I AM fat.

Fact: We own a treadmill but I can’t remember the last time I was on it.

Fact:  I do not have to work in the evenings anymore, but Cort won’t be home three of the four nights for dinner.

That is what I have to work with this semester.

With that said, here are my goals:

Goal: to lose 10 pounds (or more) before school lets out June 2.

Goal: to wean off one medication (not the one preventing pregnancy) before the end of 2011.

Goal: to get back to running a full mile on the treadmill at least 3 times a week.

Goal: to cook a good (meaning meat, veggie, carb, fruit) dinner at least 3 times a week with enough for leftovers the other nights/lunches–even if it’s just me and Eddie eating the meal together.

I also plan to adjust these goals as I see success or struggles.  For instance, if I find myself losing 10 pounds by February?  Clearly I will not just say “ok, I’m done” when I so have more weight to lose!

So there we go.  My McFatty plan for 2011.

What is your plan?  Any tips for my goals?

Also?  Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesday: the Ten things I WILL make happen in 2011 (not resolutions.  I am resolving nothing.)

i am again flailing

Welcome to another Monday.

Last week Monday I skipped McFatty because, well, I couldn’t post due to the move of the blog to wordpress.

And then I didn’t have time for many other posts last week either because every darn day was a busy one.

So here we are…back to McFatty.

The good news is that I have lost a pound.  I am now at 192.

This is good news even though it was over the course of two weeks because for one, I have had a rough couple weeks and may have been eating my feelings.

Also, I am a lady and that thing that happens to ladies happened.  Enough said about that.

So, to be a pound down after all of that?  That is good.

I also think that there was sure to be some weight gain except for five hours on Thursday I was doing this:

Now, that is clearly not me (I was behind the lens of the camera), but my students (along with a bunch of other classes) learned some Latin dancing for Hispanic Heritage month.

There were conga lines and salsa and cha-cha and mambo and meringue and much more!

And although I sneaked away each class period to take some photos?  I was so totally out there getting my groove on.  I even got a skirt for the occasion…see?

Oh yes, I was shaking my groove thing…salsa style!  By the end of the day I was walking like I was 180 years old.  EVERYTHING was sore!  It totally reminded me of how much I miss going to group fitness things at the gym.

I also shook what my mama gave me this weekend at my cousin Kelli’s wedding.

So I am pretty sure that is where that one pound went.  I danced it away!

The bad news?  The reason I am still flailing?

Work is still tough for me. I haven’t found a balance yet that allows me to get done all that I need to.  It just isn’t happening.  As I type this, I have stacks of grading to do.  For all seven of my classes.

I shouldn’t be blogging.  I shouldn’t sit and read a book. I shouldn’t just hang out.

I should be working whenever I am not, well, working.

But I can’t do that to myself.

So I flail.

But I only flail for nine more weeks.  And then the night classes end.  And I try to breath.

McFatty Monday…The First Post

**CAUTION: this post is me being the most honest I have ever been about my most hated subject: my weight**

I am doing it.  I am joining McFatty Mondays.


I have been reading many of my bloggy friends do McFatty Mondays now for a WHILE (including Blair, who came up with this ridiculous great idea), and I have been rooting them on and thinking them so great and brave and awesome for putting their celebrations and failures out there on the old internet for all to see.

I didn’t want to do it though.

Until now.

You guys?  I watched that dumb vlog of mine.  And I wanted to cry at the hot dog that is under my chin and the rolls on my gut.

When did this happen!?!?!

Today I had Cort take pics of me.  Caution: these are extremely scary.  I almost vom-ed a little in my mouth when I looked at them.  But here they are:

DUDE!  who stuck a spare tire in my tank top?  And what are my shorts DOING?  They are long, they are not supposed to try to ride up into my nether regions like that…oh wait, my thighs are eating them!

This is so sad.  This is the same place I stood June of 2009 to pose for my 9 month preggo picture.  See…

Now here is the part that blew my mind.

When I went in one day before giving birth?  My weight was 198.  I had only gained 20 pounds.  Cort and I had fist bumped because my goal was to keep it under 200 and I did it!

After having Eddie, I lost all 20 of those pounds plus 10 more.  See how great I looked….

And then…somehow somewhere, I found all THIRTY of those pounds back.

People?  Today I weighed in at 195.  ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE POUNDS.  that is only 3 less than when I gave BIRTH to a 9.5 pound child.

Cort and I discussed after I wanted to start knifing the fat off that this is what happened….

Before getting pregnant I had decided I need to lose weight.  So I hit the gym HARD and bettered my eating habits.  I was down to 175ish when I first got pregnant.

I didn’t stop when I was pregnant.  Well, I did, because I was throwing up and tired all the time, but I also quit all soda, coffee, and junk.  I wasn’t hungry for any of it anyway, so it was easy to quit.  I actually continued to lose weight the first couple months of pregnancy.

After the first trimester, I started walking again.  And the only snacks I had were fruit and the OCCASIONAL jelly belly.

I did so great.

After Eddie was born?  I lost all the weight.  I truly think it’s because I was so sore, tired, and overwhelmed that food did not sound good to me for over a month after he was born.

I didn’t start to notice weight going back ON my body until after Christmas. And then it was just a small amount.  I promised myself I would get back into shape once my crazy schedule chilled out.

But I didn’t.  What I did was start anti-depressants.  That had a side effect of weight gain.

Couple that with not eating the best foods and doing zero exercise and I had a bit of a problem.

I tried running this summer.  I really did.  My knee injury did not help the quest for exercise.  And then with me being the crazy quitter that I am, I never really got back on the training wagon like I should have.

That being said, next week’s 5K is going to be more of a run/walk than a run.

Ahem.  Anyway.

So now that I weigh the same as I did when I gave birth, I hate myself.  Ok, I don’t hate my WHOLE self, but I am really, REALLY mad and disappointed with what I have let happen.

I am so driven to succeed in every other area of my life…why can’t this be one too?

And that is how I ended up on McFatty Monday.

Every Monday I hope to share my failures and my celebrations (please, please let there be more celebrations than failures!).  I’ll share what works and where my pitfalls are.

Right now I know that regular exercise just can’t be fit into the schedule, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to try to be healthier.

So…here I go.

Running With the Proper Gear

Today Cortney and I had the opportunity to go out on a much needed “date day”.  The day started by Cort dropping Eddie off at his daycare and then coming home with Starbucks.  Seriously?  Yummy coffee usually only happens on Sundays…this was a GREAT way to start our “date day.”  Then after some computer time (I may have gotten overly excited and squeeeee-ish over the post I did earlier, can you blame me?), I showered, got ready, and we headed out for the big adventure of the day:  Running Gear Shopping.

On recommendation of many, MANY of you, we headed over to Gazelle Sports in Holland.  Cort’s cousin, Josh works there, so we felt comfortable taking our out of shape butts into a store full of sleek athletes.  At least Josh would be kind.  Family has an obligation too, right?

Anyway, there were LOTS of shoe options (did you notice exhibit A up there?) and I had no idea what we had in store.  So we sat down near the Wall O Shoes with Josh and got to business.  Ladies, first I guess.

He looked at my crappy pair of sneakers (that I bought because they were cute), and then made me walk in my stocking feet away from him and then back.  This is when I was informed I have what I call Fat Girl Walk.  Fat Girl Walk entails walking on the inside of your feet…to the point that your feet start to tilt inward as you walk.  Say what you want, but I’ve gained a TON of weight since college and yes, the title Fat Girl Walk fits. (Especially because when i put on my running shorts?  I get Fat Girl Short-ride…you know…in the inner thigh region.  It’s hot).

Josh then told me I would probably need an insole in my shoe.  Then he asked about any knee or ankle injuries.  I sheepishly told him about spraining my ankle.  From falling down the stairs.  Yeah, not so athletic.  Especially if you consider I was trying to be in a video my brother was making and it was all caught on film.  Shut up.

Anyway, he did NOT laugh at me (because he is a GOOD cousin), and just said that they ankle is probably still affected and that is why my knee hurts.  The right shoe and insole should help.  Then he measured my feet.

Turns out my left foot is a FULL SIZE bigger than my right, and both feet are bigger than pre-pregnancy.  This would explain why my super cute size sevens?  not so comfy.

So he had me try three different pairs of shoes.  Getting them on for me AND tying them.  He said he only does this for the ladies because it seems chivalrous.  If he does it for guys between the age of 10 and 80, it’s just creeper.

I did laps around the store in each pair I tried (and consequently found a million cute things I clearly NEED for working out…shorts, tank tops, CUTE water bottles.)

I finally settled on the pair that wasn’t the cutest, but WAS the best fit.

Then it was Cort’s turn.  All the same procedures for him.  Turns out his walk is just fine.  No weird angling of his feet (Josh says this could be because Cort was athletic in HS.  pffffttt.  I think he was just trying to one-up me somehow).  So he didn’t need insoles. But he did need his feet measured.

Turns out his RIGHT foot is a half size bigger than his left foot.  What are we?  A circus couple?  Anyway, Cort tried on three pairs as well and did his laps.  Josh talked a lot about fit and how many miles we could get on our shoes and what not, but I won’t lie.  I was a bit distracted by this section right next to the running shoes:

yeah, those are all the super cute sandals.  How am I supposed to concentrate on “appropriate footwear” when THESE are staring at me?

Anyway, after the shoes, Josh shamed us for explained to us that wearing cotton socks is actually the #1 cause of blisters because it keeps all the moisture by our feet.  So we bought some “smart socks” that are made of wool and meant to keep the moisture away.  They are weird, but I am trying them.

Then it was time for the purchase.  I was still sort of “browsing” when Cort pulled out the dinero to get our run on.

Marathon Freak?  Yeah, not yet, I’m afraid.  In fact, I’m not even a 5K freak yet.  But I am trying.

Anyway, Cort and Josh talked all about how our names were now in the computer with our purchases, so we can get the exact thing or try something different, but it’s all recorded so Gazelle can be snappy sweet with helping us next time.

Oh, and don’t think I left without something fun.  I told you I was ogling the flippys.  Yup, this cute pair of Tevas came home with me.  Who knew Teva made CUTE sandals?  You probably all did, right?  Well I SO did not.

When we got home it was time to try out the new goods (we also stopped at Best Buy to get arm bands for our ipods).  Check out those new shoes and socks!  I am still getting used to the GRAY sock.  Feels old man-ish, but if it’s supposed to help, I can deal.

My run today was better than Tuesday.  My knee didn’t hurt (good job, shoes!), but the outside of the ball of my foot tingled.  I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because I haven’t ever USED it when running, so it needs to get used to the pressure.  We will see.  I ditched the podcast.  I really don’t like someone telling me what to do.  And opted for Social Distortion’s Greatest Hits.  I ran five spurts today instead of four and each was longer than Tuesday’s.  I ended today feeling like I could do better, rather than wishing the 5K away, which is probably a good sign.

Cort also dug his new gear.  He changed his pace today and did a much better job as well.  Cort liked the new shoes and socks…he said the shoes were like running on clouds.  Ok.

So we will go out again this weekend to complete Week One of training.  Wish us luck!

Disclaimer:  I did NOT get compensated by Gazelle for writing this post.  We went there because it was recommended and we had a great experience.  We will for sure be back and hope you’ll go too!

Couch to 5K Day One

What was I thinking?

That is all that was going through my head today as I started Day 1 of my training for the Susan G Komen Race for The Cure that Cort and I agreed to do

I had geared up for TODAY to be training Day ONE.  We had gotten some advice over the weekend and it seemed that the Couch to 5K plan (google it, there are a few) was the way to go for us, since, you know, we were literally getting our fat butts off the couch and trying to do this.

Ok, so how did it go?

Well, like I said, I had geared up in my head that today was IT.  Then today got here.  First I was gone getting my hair colored (I don’t even want to talk about those grays up there.  grrrrr).  Then Cort had errands to run.  Not that we wanted to run together, but someone has to be home with Eddie.  So around 3:30, I was ready.  Then it started to rain.  Cats and dogs. I whined, of course.  Cort told me to just start tomorrow, but I had decided to start TODAY.

When there was a lull in the cold, June rain, I decided to stretch out and go.

Let me first tell you that it has been so long since I have done something that needed ‘stretching’ that I forgot how to stretch.  Good thing the hubs was a soccer player.  First he tried to tell me which muscles to stretch.  Yeah, that doesn’t help.  So he showed me HOW to do the stretches.  When we got to the gluts, I kept saying I just didn’t feel it.  He told me, “well then you must have a loose butt.”  I think there was a fat joke in there, but I can’t be sure.

Anyway, once I was all stretched out, I grabbed my i-pod.  I had downloaded the Couch to 5K podcats so that some dude could tell me when to walk and when to jog.  The first week goes like this:

Walk “briskly” for 5 minutes
Jog for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds.  Repeat 7 more times
Walk “briskly” for 5 minutes to “cool down”.

I am supposed to do this three times this week with a day break in between each “training” day.

So there I go. Walking briskly.

See ya in thirty minutes!  Look at that enthusiasm!  That zest for training!  I carried that zest with me through the first five minutes feeling great.  Then I realized soon I was going to have to actually jog.  No, I can do this.  It’s not that big of a deal.

I ran the first 60 second stint and felt Ok.  However, let me tell you, 90 seconds of walking?  Goes by WAY quicker than 60 seconds of jogging.  The second jog sort of sucked.  By the third jog my breathing wasn’t recovered like the starts to the other jogs.  By the fourth jog I couldn’t BELIEVE I was only half way.  And then the dude on the podcast says,

“Good job.  Now walk briskly for 90 seconds.  I will tell you when it’s time to run again.  You shouldn’t be tired or breathing hard yet.”


This is when I knew I couldn’t do all 8 jogs (and those 90 second “brisk” walks?  yeah, not so brisk anymore either).

I will admit I walked the rest of the way.  And shut duder and his jazzy techno music OFF.

Then it was Cort’s turn.  He stretched, and got his ipod all ready to go with Dude and his podcast.  He was ready.

Off he goes down the driveway!  Lookin’ good!

He looks better than I did at the start.  Happier too.  Ok, not happier.  I was PUMPED.  He was just chill about it like it was no big deal.  He’s like that about everything. (frustrating sometimes?  yes.)

His training went far better than mine.  Cort ran seven of the jogs to my four.  He clearly didn’t have the wheezing I did, but he sweated a LOT after he was done (somehow he still looked good with sweat on his brow.)

So Day One is done.  I can honestly say that even though part of me wants to jump in Doc Brown’s DeLorean and tackle myself before I say yes to this endeavor, I am still glad we are doing it.  It’s for a great cause and I know it’s a challenge we haven’t tackled before.

Speaking of challenge, both Cort and I have goals of raising $250 in pledges for our run (and of course we are seeing who can raise it first because we are competitive like that).  You can see our team page and choose our names by clicking HERE.  Donate if you can, otherwise your prayers for our motivation, endurance, and health are more than enough!