I have been off from work for 15 days.

That is it.  Just over two weeks.

Two weeks. At home. With Eddie.

Somewhere around Day 3, I remembered how horrible I am at being a stay at home mom.

It’s not that I don’t like spending time with Eddie or staying in my jammies all day, it’s that I am not good at “playing.”

On my days off, I still have the goals and mentality of being at work:  that I am going to do a million things and accomplish organization and all these other great projects.

And then Eddie is all into whatever I am doing and begging me to “pay, mommy…pay wif meeeeeee.  wif eddieeeee.”

And like a horrible great mom I try to bribe him with TV or other “on your own” activities.

But no.

He wants to play.

Duh.  He’s a kid.

Most of what he wants to do involve me bending or chasing or rough housing.  None of which work anymore in my state of round.

So not only do I really have to figure out something we can do together, but something we can do together that is fun yet lazy for me.

Ok.  So let’s look at what we have to work with here, shall we?

This is the state of my living room on a super great, clean day:

ignore husband playing Words with Friends. He is not usually there during the week day.

The most comfortable thing for me is to plant my pregnant booty on the couch for comfort and leverage for standing.

We also have these that Eddie found at the bottom of his toy box:

they look innocent and sweet, don't they?

Ok.  Let’s review.

I have a couch.

A pair of sheep:

And a toddler who has been begging to play ALL MORNING:

also looks pretty not be fooled.

The clear choice here is to set up a war zone, right?

man, this photo makes me look slim.

In all his innocence..aka good listening for once…Eddie had no idea what I had in mind since “we don’t throw toys in the house.”

So he was quite astounded when I did this:

those sheep? hit him right in the face. oh yes I did.

After getting over the fact that his mom just beaned him in the kisser with two stuffed sheep, he fell over in a giggle fit and yelled, “AGAIN!”

So we did it again.

And out of his excitement, he started tossing them back trying to yell SHEEP BOMB each time too…but in his frenzy of joy in the new game, it came out PEEP POMB!

And so, Peep Pomb was born in Sluiter Nation. And it was good.


To be honest, I am still not sure Cort is entirely pleased with this new game we have created.

In fact, I kind of get the hairy eyeball every time Eddie giggles and asks me, “Peep Pomb, mommy?”


This ish if fun, yo.


And you know you want to try it.

Or not since your house probably has rules and you follow them because you don’t go all crazy lady when left alone with your child for a few days.

But if you DO wanna try?

it's a powerful weapon, the peep pomb


Eddie is willing to share his peep.

As long as you don’t mind the delivery being to YOUR FACE!