Houston, We Have a Stupid Problem

We have had issues with Eddie saying, um, lightly inappropriate things.

I think we all remember the “amen, poopy butt” phase.

It wasn’t that the words themselves were so bad, but he insisted on saying it after praying…and well, about Baby Jesus.  After we started ignoring it, it went away.  The only time he ever says either “poopy” or “butt” is reference to actually having to use the potty or the fact that his diaper is full.

But recently a new word has been coming out of Eddie’s mouth.

It started innocently.  I was sitting by the table while he was marching around it.  And he was singing.  Aw!  Cute, right?

This is what he was singing:

Twinkle, twinkle stupid star.

Ummm.  No.

I maybe overreacted.

“EDDIE!  What did you say???”

Cue completely frozen toddler with large wide eyes.  Then cue crying because he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong.


So we stopped, sat down together, and talked about how “stupid” just isn’t a nice word.

And it was agreed upon.

And over.

I thought.

Have I mentioned Eddie has a temper?  And being two, he doesn’t really know how to voice his frustration so he tends to lash out with words and throwing things and hitting objects?

So recently we hear things like, “come on, stupid thing!” and “open, stupid door!”

Uh oh.

I would LOVE to blame this on someone other than myself.  Really.  But I can’t.

It’s not the shows he watches because he really only watches Disney and PBS.  The few times he watches Loony Tunes and they say it (Daffy likes to call Bugs a “stupid rabbit”), he will SAY to me, “that’s not nice, right mom?  we don’t say ‘stupid’.”

It’s not daycare.  I know his daycare mom pretty well and I am convinced the word “stupid” is not flying around her house.

It’s me.

I know it’s me.

I say it ALL the time.  And I just realized it.

When Eddie was born, I cleaned up my language.  (Shut up, T-dawg, I DID!)  I may have gotten into a nasty habit of just throwing swear words into normal conversation like it was no big deal (allegedly, mom.  Allegedly).

So when Eddie showed up, I did what I do every day when I walk through the door to my classroom, and I got rid of the swears.

But you can still say things like “stupid” and “dumb” and “hate” and “sucks” around teenagers.

However I do not want my two year old telling me that the “stupid door sucks and he hates it.”

I noticed today that even though I want to quit, it just tumbles out of my mouth.  I was having a conversation with Cort while Eddie was in the tub.  And RIGHT IN FRONT OF EDDIE, I said to Cort, “and then the stupid battery died…” and I covered my mouth and scrambled for a new word. Not before Eddie turned and said,

“mom, we don’t say stupid.  not nice.”

So he knows.

But he still says it in frustration.

And it’s because I say it in frustration.

Eddie and I need to quit “stupid.”

It’s become a really, REALLY stupid problem.

Help. I can’t stop.