Project 365 {Week 16}

This was the week I vowed to use my DSLR more…and play with the settings.

I totally took a lot of pictures.

But I forgot to spread them out all week.

So there are a lot of phone pics (thank you, instagram) this week too.

Once again those shot with the DSLR are marked with an *

*April 15: I like to ride my bicycle! (50 mm is on...and this was the best I got)

April 16: My little friend with his little friend

*April 17: 5 weeks old...and quite nommable.

April 18: A little number practice before bed

April 19: some tired dudes

*April 20: fell asleep playing at the "gym".

*April 21: Happy Birthday to our nephews, Kingston and Kyrie!

Yes, another wonderful week in Sluiter Nation.

And guess what…I signed up for that course on using my DSLR like I said I would!

It starts Tuesday night.

And I will apologize in advance because you KNOW I am going to post what I try.

And it may not all be wonderful.

I’m just sayin’.

But you’re all used to that ’round these parts by now, right?


Project 356 {Week 15}

So I read this post this week by Casey about using your DSLR.

You can tell around when I read it because my pics get, um, creative.

For full disclosure, I will say that I have a Canon Rebel XS  that I got 2 years ago for my birthday.

Usually I shoot in P and don’t mess with adjusting anything.

Because I have the scared.

Lately I have been shooting in AV and messing with the Fstop.

After reading Casey’s post, I busted out my 50mm lens and started playing with the ISO too.

Don’t judge…I still don’t know what I am doing.

Oh, and I don’t edit anything.  Because I don’t have any software and I don’t know how.

So these are straight off the card, yo.

*photos taken with my DSLR

April 8: Easter Sunday

April 9: My cousin's son, Thatcher, and Charlie. Born less than 2 weeks apart.

*April 10: Snow.

*April 11: tummy time is hard, yo.

*April 12: My morning view

*April 13: Busytown Mysteries before bed.

*April 14: Goodnight, Moon.

Monday I am hoping to sign up for a four-evening class on using my DSLR.

It only took me two years to look into doing.

And a kick in the pants by a couple blog posts this week by Casey and Kacia.