I have things to blog about.

To tell you about.

To get your support on.

To lean on you about.

I have things to say that came out in therapy today.

But I am not ready.

I don’t have the energy yet.

So I will distract you and me with some more photographs of my cute kid.

just sitting by the tulips letting the tourists admire what a cute Dutch boy I am.

hello to you, nice lady who told me I was extremly cute. and why yes, these are authentic klompen shoes.

EDDIE! Don't pick that!!! It's a $100 fine!!

that's right...smell the tulips.

Fine. I will sit by daddy for a picture. But you can't make me enjoy it.

ok, it's too dang hot for this noise. let's take this crap off...starting with these totally unbreatheable shoes.


I have NO idea how that got out there!

And this was about the time we took the costume off and headed for some fried pickles and a corn dog.

Yay Tulip Time.

Yay avoidance.

pass the dutchie

Sluiter Nation is in Holland, Michigan.

Holland, Michigan has an annual Tulip Festival.

I explained the parades and treats last year.

I also blogged about getting Eddie his first pair of wooden shoes and posing in his Dutch costume.

(If you skipped over those links?  Your loss.  You will die of cute if you click them, though.  Just sayin’.)

Well it’s Tulip Time again.

And you bet we have been to the festivities already!

Tuesday night we ventured downtown as a family to watch Cort’s sister, MacKenzie, Dutch Dance.


not so sure about auntie Kenz in her Dutch costume

my friend, Kelli, is in this Dutch dance group too!

boo to the dumb pole in this picture.

Eddie and I went back Wednesday with my mom and my nephew, Jack to watch the Volks Parade.

Eddie wore his costume.


so it's a little big. That costume was worn by both my brothers and my nephew. and now Eddie.


he just refused the wooden shoes and hat

We had so much fun that the camera didn’t come out during the actual parade.  Sorry.

We hope to go back one last time as a family to eat more junk see the tulips one last time with our little Dutch boy in his little Dutchie.


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The Last Hurrah

Despite what ails us, Cortney, Eddie, and I ventured out to Holland tonight to at least get me a corn dog.  Yes, I am still talking about that dang corn dog.

We found some tulips along the way.

So I decided that Eddie better get one last hurrah in his Dutch Costume.  The temperatures were in the 40’s, so I layered pants and a long-sleeved shirt under his costume, and plunked him down by the tulips.

He even stood for a quick, unsteady second on those darned wooden shoes.

Until he decided he was done posing for mom’s dumb camera….and that it was cold on the ground.

So we bundled him up in his stroller and took off for the food stands in search of that illusive corn dog.

We found them!  YUM!!!!!
And then we found the elephant ears!
Then we strolled back to the truck and found some purple tulips.  Can you tell how chilly it was?  Brrrr!
And that is it for Tulip Time 2010.  Sorry I didn’t get more pictures of the dancers (stupid pneumonia)!  Hopefully everyone can tell how much I love this time of year…and hopefully next year is warmer!

An Eye For Photos

So I said we were going to see the dancers Thursday night and get some more junk food.  That was the plan.  I was totally excited to go see my sis-in-law, MacKenzie, dance and get some cute pictures of her with Eddie by the Tulips.  And eat a corn dog.  And maybe a fat ball.  It was going to be great.

Then Cortney went to the doctor Thursday morning and they told him he had bronchitis and that I should probably come in that afternoon too.  Turns out, mine had progressed a bit further than his and I had early pneumonia.  (Eddie is totally fine.  No worries!)  So almost $100 in prescriptions and co-pays later and we are told to stay in the house and rest for at least 24 hours.

No Tulip Time for us!

However, I was checking my twitter account and reading my daily dose of blogs yesterday from my chair, and I came across a little nugget of wonderful.  If you know anything about twitter and the blog world, you know it’s easy to find great blogs through blogs through blogs, etc.  Anyway, I found mooshinindy, through my friend designhermomma (real name Emily whom I went to high school with).  mooshinindy takes AMAZING pictures, and she just so happened to come with Emily to Tulip Time this year for the first time.  Her pictures are breathtaking.  Check them out!

They make me happy just looking at them!  I feel my childhood all over again!

And today, now that we are all feeling better, we may (after the parade traffic dies down, of course) try again for some delicious junk food.  And a picture of my little Dutch Boy in the Tulips!

Nobody Rains on Our Parade!

As I have mentioned before, it is a LONG standing tradition in my family to attend the Wednesday Tulip Time parade–officially called the Volksparade. “Volks comes from the Dutch world meaning “The common people”, so this parade is the parade of and for the common people.  Thursday is the Kinderparade–or the children’s parade, and Saturday is the Parade of Musik (the third largest parade in the Nation after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the Rosebowl Parade).

Anyway, my family has been going to the Volksparade since I was a baby.  My Grandma Hulst, my mom, my aunties, and my cousins would all go and that orangish plaid blanket in the picture above would come along with us.  My Grandma is no longer with us, but we ALL still go with OUR kids!  The group has definitely grown over the years, and I think my Grandma smiles and laughs every year at all of us!

My mom brings the “Tulip Time Blanket” along every year along with her grand kids (Jack and Eddie) and me.

My aunt Sandy puts out all our chairs at 7:30 in the morning to save us the same spot we’ve been sitting in for about a million years.  Then around noon, all of us start to gather at the spot.  My cousin, Rachel, is always there, this year with her new baby, Brookston, and her sweet two-year old, Shayla.

As you can see…all the little ones have their own Dutch costume!  We have them made by my aunt’s friend, Sharron, who makes the authentic ones for the Tulip Time Dutch Dancers.  We are pretty proud that even though they are pint-sized, they are authentic!

My cousin, Jenise, was there with her super cute Dutch boys as well.  Brody had more reasonable footwear than the rest of them!

And little Hudson napped in his Dutch costume.  I don’t blame him!  Tulip Time is a LOT of work!

Before the parade gets started, we get to watch the Dutch Dancers.  Like I said, all their costumes are authentic.  My cousins and I all Dutch Danced when we were in high school, and a few of us did the alumni dancing for a few years afterward.  The girl with the green skirt and yellow apron in the front of this picture has the same costume I danced alumni in for four years.  All area schools have Dutch Dance groups plus the many alumni groups means LOTS of dancers on the street!

They all wear the wooden shoes–the same kind we got for Eddie to wear with his costume–only clearly bigger!  No, they are not uncomfortable because dancers were about 3-5 pairs of socks with them.  They DO fly off from time to time when dancers kick.  I shot one about 10 feet down the road once and it cracked right down the middle!  Luckily, dancers get a discount on replacement shoes!

Like I said, the dancers go ALLLL the way down 8th street!  It’s quite an impressive sight!  Tomorrow we go to watch Eddie’s aunt MacKenzie dance, so I will have more pictures then!

Tulip Time is also great for all the snacks!  Our wonderful friends, the Visels, came out the parade this year to enjoy some Dutch and snacks!  Jake and Joe really enjoyed the hot dogs in the fried buns and the fresh squeezed lemonade!

And they weren’t too shy to ask me, my mom, or Jack for tastes of our snacks too!

We are talking serious love for the carny food!

What is a parade without cotton candy?  Jack saved his for when the parade started.  Then he and Jake devoured it!

And elephant ears are just TRADITION!  If you’ve never had one, I feel sad for you!

Just before the parade starts, the town crier decrees the streets dirty, and hundreds of people decked out in their Dutch gear scrub them clean for the week’s upcoming parades!

Anyone with a Dutch costume and a broom can participate.  Shoot, I think they even provide the brooms if you need one!

The littlest street scrubbers are the most fun to watch scrub on by.  This little guy so did NOT want to leave that puddle…but what little boy would?

Once the streets were clean, the parade got underway!  The Holland Police Department lead the way!

Followed by the town crier and the Welkom “team” of city counsel men and women and other politicians.  Usually the Governor of Michigan walks, but the past couple years, she has not been able to.

There were lots and lots of floats and people in the parade.  Eddie waved at them all.  He even charmed some of the ladies on the floats with his clapping and laughing.  He really IS that charming, you know.

After what Jake told me was “hundreds of musics”, the final band was ready to march by:  The Holland High School Marching Band.  All the bands are impressive, but HHS has got to be a crowd favorite.

The “Flying Dutchmen” wear wooden shoes and crisp uniforms AND they have a kicking routine while they play “Tip Toe Thru The Tulips”!  It’s one of my favorite parts of the parade!

Their tuba players have a routine and the tuba covers spell out “DUTCH”.  It’s amazing!

Eddie had a GREAT first Volksparade!  He was very serious about checking out EVERYTHING and not missing a thing…well, except his nap!  His shoes and hat came off by the end, and we found out elephant ears may be a bit too greasy for a 10 month old tummy that has never had grease, AND the poor kid had to have a diaper changer right there in front of everyone, but overall, the day was great!

Viva Tulip Time!

If Ya Ain’t Dutch, Well, You Know

I grabbed my big new camera today and my boys and headed on over to the local wooden shoe/delft factory.  You know, because EVERYONE has a local wooden shoe/delft factory, right?  Right?  Oh.

Anyway, we totally looked like tourists–even though I’ve lived about five miles from it my whole life–because I had my big camera and we were picking out tiny wooden shoes.

After choosing a size 13 for Eddie (a bit big, but maybe, just maybe we will be able to shove his foot in there again next year), we headed over to have his name put on them.

This little lady was happy to put Eddie’s name on each of his shoes.  She clearly also does some of the fantastic delft work.

Yeah, she free hands it.  She made it look so easy.  I guarantee even after taking that wood burning class in seventh grade and making that “sweet” duck that still sits on my parents’ mantel I would SO not be able to do this.

The finished product!  Twenty bucks for the shoes and a grand total of free for the name burning.  Nice.

Eddie was pretty excited about his new shoes!  He is going to look so great on Wednesday at the parade!  Stay tuned for more Tulip Time 2010 fun!

Raining on Our Parade

It’s May in Holland, and you know what that means…the tulips are blooming and everyone is starting to feel a little bit Dutch! Today my mom, Jack, and I headed to downtown Holland for the annual Volksparade, even though it was POURING rain at the time. Mom had Jack all set to go in his Dutch costume…his Dutchie.
Because it was so wet, mom wore her poncho, I wore Cortney’s rain suit, and Jack wore his Dutchie covered up by a green raincoat and the Tulip Time Blanket. Luckily, once I bought him and elephant ear, he forgot that it was wet out!
Oh…he liked the carmel corn too!The rain stopped just in time for the parade! There is my aunt Lois riding in the American Legion car. They even put the top down! Very brave!
Even though it started a little wet, we still had a really good time! Jenise brought Brody and Rachel brought Shayla and all three “second” cousins had their costumes on looking very Dutch for the parade. Although, by the time we took this picture, all the junk food was eaten, the dancers were done, and the parade was over, so the kids are looking a little bit sleepy. Oh well, that is the sign of a fun day, right?