Another Reason

Yay!  It’s Wednesday!  Time for another blogger to be Recruited to Sluiter Nation!  Don’t know what a Recruit is?  Read all about it here.

Today I bring you Tonya, the beautiful blogging voice behind Letters for Lucas.

I am honored to call Tonya not just my bloggy friend, but also one of my roomies for BlogHer coming up in August.

Tonya is the mother of the the almost-two-years-old Lucas.  She and I bond over being mommy’s to little boys.  She says what I feel…only so much more eloquently.


I don’t like Babies-R-Us.

I try to avoid entering that store like it’s the plague.

There aren’t any locations very close to where I live, the customer service leaves a lot to be desired, it’s too big and entirely too bright for me.

It’s also extremely overwhelming.

I kind of lose my mind trying to figure out what’s what whenever I’m there, but it is the go-to baby supply store and it’s where EVERY expectant mother registers for baby-to-be gifts.

I registered there.

I pride myself on only having visited five times since Lucas was born.

One of those times was last week.

While on the hunt for a shower gift (what else?) and about to pull out my hair trying to find a specific baby gas relief medication and disposable bibs in a multi-sized pack, I suddenly found myself sobbing.

And this time, it wasn’t because of the confusing registry or not being able to find someone to help me.


burp cloths

scratch free mittens


I began walking aimlessly down the aisles and I remembered registering for my own baby shower.

I was filled with so much joy and excited anticipation.

tummy time pillows and mats


teething rings


I became nostalgic as I skimmed over all the products for newborns and infants, all the tiny, soft, delicate little things and it hit me—we have a lot of these items at home, but we don’t need them anymore.

power formula

crib sheets

sleep sacks

bouncy seats

Lucas is no longer a baby.

He’s growing up.


He’ll be TWO in less than two weeks.

I still have a lot of joy and excited anticipation about what lies ahead, but I miss my baby.

And now?

I have another reason to hate Babies-R-Us.


The lovely Tonya can be found on twitter, but you should also go get to know her blog, Letters for Lucas as well.

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