The Waiting {and Guessing} Game

Yesterday I had my 12 week “new” OB appointment.  Of course, I’ve already had two appointments and countless blood draws before yesterday, so it wasn’t technically new, but if I wasn’t a special case, this would have been the first.

It took longer than the others because we weren’t there just to make sure the baby was still going strong.  We had to do all the lovely “obstetrics” tests.

Yes, this included me having to actually wear a gown instead of just “remove clothes from waist down”.

Paps were smeared, swabs were taken, breasts were examined, husband was uncomfortable.  All seemed normal.

And then he got out his little doppler thingy and smeared the gel on my tummy.  It was time to hear that little heartbeat for the first time.  In fact, this was really why Cort was along.

Now, remember, the past TWO appointments we got to SEE the heartbeat on the ultrasounds, but all momma’s know there is NOTHING like hearing it for the first time, so we were pretty geeked.

So the gel was smeared and the wand thingy was pushed all over my belly.  And again.  And some  more.

I would hear something and look at my doctor.

“That was you,” he would say without looking up.

And push the wand harder and around more.

“Let me grab my other one.  This one is shaped weird for these early dopplers.”

He stepped out and I looked at Cort.

“That one was shaped weird,” he said simply.  I knew he was reassuring me.

“Ok, this one will be better,” Dr V said as he came in.

More pushing (harder this time) and more navigating around my slimy belly.

Still nothing.

“Well,”  the doc said simply, “I’m going to grab the ultrasound machine because it’s just around the corner and we could do this all day.  That baby must just be shy today.  But we will find it!”

I looked at Cort.

He simply nodded as if everything was fine.

My feet began to sweat.

My past told me these sorts of situations did not end well.

My stomach turned.

“We are just going to do an abdominal one quick,” my kindly doc said. “We just want to see it’s there.”

The machine whirred on, the nurse pushed a couple buttons, and the wand glided across my belly.

Cort smiled.

“You see it then?” the doc said.

“Sure ‘nough,” Cort said.

They turned the monitor to me.

“Heartbeat looks to be about 155,” the Doc told me. (down from 171 three weeks prior)

I looked at Cort.

Everything was fine.

No.  Everything was great.

And in about 8 more weeks we will find out if that shy little baby is a boy or a girl.

As of yesterday my feelings are boy.

How about you?

What do you think Sluiter Baby will be?