I just…I have nothing tonight. But I made this stupid commitment to do a blog post every stupid day in stupid November. And then my “supportive” husband was all “I know you are super busy, but you should do it. It’s good for you.”

Stupid supportive husband being supportive. And stupid.

So all I have tonight is filler. Fluff.

I’m tired. This is maybe the hardest week of the school year: parent/teacher conference week. Yesterday and today I was at work for 12 hours. Well, actually, today I left school at 2:45 with the students to make it to Eddie’s parent/teacher conference by 3:20 (did I mention my commute is about 35 minutes?) and then back to school for our conferences that started at 4pm, but I got back late because traffic.

No students tomorrow, but we have professional development in the morning and three more hours of conferences after lunch.

I’m tired.

I like conferences. I wish more parents would come and see me. But I am tired.

I’m also a bit sad. My niece is a week old and we haven’t met her yet because last week we all had colds and this week has been hellaciously busy.

Saturday I have TWO baby showers to go to at the same time.

I’m just tired, dudes.

So this post is sort of nothing. But I posted. And now I am going to go eat pizza rolls and Oreos and not care because TIRED.