Friday Funnies

Eddie has a certain pair of navy and red striped socks from Old Navy he got waaay back when that were always too big to wear with shoes.  He adopted them as socks he wears with jammies and named them his “Sleepy Socks.”

Recently the sleepy socks blew out holes in the toes and heels.

Other socks wouldn’t do and I had to go to Old Navy and hunt down more striped ones.  I could only find navy and yellow stripes.

He was legit disappointed, but gave the a shot.

They were on the floor after the second night.

Just not the same, I guess.

(I may have washed and stashed the original Sleepy Socks in a shoebox of keepsakes. What?)


Charlie might turn out to be a class clown.

He likes to make us all laugh at dinner by making VERY odd noises and strange blowing/raspberry sounds.

He even pauses with a chill little grin on his face so we can all fall over ourselves laughing at him before he starts up again.

And with that little grin, his face says, “You are such fools.  Such easy-to-entertain fools.”


The other night I was cuddling with Eddie at bedtime (more on the new bedtime routine in another post).

He was in that place between awake and sleeping when he rolled to his side.

I caught a whiff of stale milk smell.

“Eddie? Did you toot?

“Just sleep mom. Don’t worry ’bout it.”


Boys are gross.

I am sure girls are too, but my boys? Are gross.


When Eddie was Charlie’s age, he used to have a Poop Spot–a place next to our bookcase that he liked to stand in (with the cupboard door open so it was like he was behind a little wall) while he did his “jobbies”.

Just recently, Charlie has been going to the same place to do his business.

I find it hilarious.

Cortney seems less amused.


Eddie has recently learned that girls and boys do not have the same…um…equipment.

Although, he has no idea what girls actually have other than I told him the word, “vagina”.

Now, every time I go to the bathroom, I get interviewed:

“Mom? You are going to the bathroom?”



“Nope.  Just pee.”

“You are sitting though, right?”


“Because you are a girl. You don’t have a penis. Right?”

“That’s right.”

I will admit that I never pictured myself telling my 3 year old son through a closed door that I was not, in fact, peeing out of my butt.


Charlie kisses stuffed animals.  It’s cute.

He also kisses his reflection in the window.  Again, super cute.

But he also has fights with the baby in the window.

Loud fights.

With pounding on the window.

And stink eye at me as if I had something to do with this idiot in the window who is copying all his moves.

It is both hilariously cute and a tad crazy.


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