Ok, I cheated.  This week we were supposed to do flash fiction inspired by the word LIFE.  This is not fiction.  This happened to me four years ago.  But it follows the plot triangle of a story and it’s…um…flash.

I wrote it this week in my Writer’s Workshop I am doing.

Critique welcome.


I didn’t know what to do with my hands.  I kept running my thumbs over my fingers and adjusting my rings.

The room felt so full.  An exam room is not made for four people.

I could feel that my eyes were wide with apprehension.  I stared silently at Cort hoping he could provide me with some sort of reassurance, but when our eyes met, I could feel his worry match mine.  The deep line in the center of his brow-line mirrored my own dread.

I turned my focus on the professionals in the room.  I searched the face of my nurse for the look of routine.  I scrutinized the doctor’s demeanor for the assurance that all this was normal.

But instead I was asked to lie down.  To try to relax.

While the nurse busied herself, I found my words, “is this going to hurt?”

She paused suddenly, stopping in the middle of her prescribed procedure.  Her face softened.  She looked at Cort and told him to come stand by my head and hold my hand.  And that no, it would not hurt.  But it would probably be a bit uncomfortable.

It was.  Uncomfortable.

But more uncomfortable was the silence of the doctor as he searched.  And searched.  And didn’t speak.

I could feel the burn of the fiery tears in the corners of my eyes.   But I wasn’t going to let them come.  There was business at hand.  I had to know the facts and not let my emotions get a hold on me.

Both Cort and I stared at the black and white screen attempting to see whatever the doctor was looking for.

Finally Cort asked the doctor if everything was Ok.

“Well,” and he didn’t continue.

He didn’t have to.  I knew.  I asked if we could take a break so I could use the bathroom.

I can’t remember if I really had to go or if I just needed to leave the room.

When I came back there was no need to lie back down.

There was nothing to see.


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