Summer Snapshots

Last summer every post I wrote was about cancer and chemo and trying not to die. So cheerful.

This summer I have been quiet. Not because nothing is happening, but compared to last summer, nothing is happening.

Somehow, we have been keeping pretty busy.

Alice completed her first gymnastics class. Girlfriend LOVED it and can’t wait to do it again next year.
We’ve visited the splash pad.
We gave Alice’s bedroom a makeover. No more nursery! Hello, Big Girl Room!
We blew up some fireworks.
We spent pool time with favorite friends.
Alice upgraded from the crib mattress to a Big Girl Bed.
We had lunch at the park.
The kids got a job. Sort of. They watered Grandma’s flowers while she was away.
We ate popsicles in our inflatable pool.
I made lots of ice cream (Tin Roof is pictured).
We saw some of our best good friends who live far away.

In between all that, Eddie and I have spent at least two hours per week in my new classroom getting it ready. Charlie and Alice have played Little People, restaurant, store, library, and many other make believe games. Cortney has finished painting the doors and trim downstairs that we started seven years ago. I have been writing and reading and trying my best to keep the children’s toys from taking over our lives.

We have lots more fun ahead for the second half of summer break!