Me? Stylish?

I am a lot of things:

I am loud.

I am wordy.

I am patient at times and inpatient at others.

I am crafty.

I am funny.

I am hard on myself.

I am energetic.

I am giving.

I am a story-teller.

I am thoughtful.

I am sassy.

I am…well, a lot of things.

But one thing I would NOT describe myself as?  Stylish.  See?

That is the word Jackie of With Just a Bit of Magic used though.

Ok, she wasn’t exactly talking about ME so much as my bloggy-ness. Look at the pur-dee award she gave me!

In the past I have been horrible about remembering to accept and pass on awards.  However, not that long ago I read something The Empress wrote about being grateful and not forgetting about awards.  I completely agreed with her post.  When I got my first award?  I could NOT stop talking about it.  I was so excited that someone really LIKED me enough to say so on their blog.

So…I am totally accepting this award! There are four requirements for award acceptance:

  1. Thank and link back to the blogger who bestowed the lovely award on you in the first place.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award on to 15 (yee-ow, that’s a lot!) deserving bloggers.
  4. contact the bloggers so they can accept the award.

And here we go…

THANK YOU, JACKIE, for thinking this disheveled working momma is somewhat stylish!

I listed MORE than seven things that I AM above, but here are some “fun facts” that you may not know:

  1. I have never left the United States except to cross to Canada a few times.
  2. I know Spanish (I teach it, duh), but my parents are the ones to go to Mexico every year.  And they don’t take me.
  3. In fact, I have traveled very little in my 30+ years of life.  I’ve been to Florida and Ohio with my family as a teen and to Indiana, South Carolina, New York, Washington, and Montana with my husband.  We would like to go a LOT more places.
  4. I’ve only been on a plane twice and never alone.
  5. I have a blog just for my “creative” writing.  Some of you know this.  Lots of you don’t. If you want to see it, just let me know.
  6. I taught for 3 summers at the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center where they run week-long camp classes for little kids. I was the only English major on staff.
  7. I have always wanted to be a famous rock star.  Always.  I have no singing talent whatsoever, though.  So I push my rock love on my son (hence his rock star-themed, um, well, life).

Ok…fifteen bloggers I deem stylish enough for this award.  They are awesome, so you must check them out and tell them how awesome they are.

Tie A Little Ribbon because not only is she fun-sized and cute, but she has long hair (the length I strive for mine to be), but she knows how to DO her hair…and she vlogs about it.  She is my Teacher for Style.

Waking Up Williams because she has the hair that I have always wanted.  She has a cute little face and a super cute, sassy short haircut to go with it.  I can’t do that.  I have a monster melon atop my shoulders.  Short?  Does not look good on me.  But it does on her.

Harper’s Happenings because she is the hostess of Steppin’ Out Saturday…and whole meme for showing off yer style!  And she?  ALWAYS LOOKS CUTE!  She clearly shops at a better, more stylish Target than I do.  Or she is all fibbish about where her clothes come from.

Life with Rylie for a bazillion reasons! First, she is the queen of style with her awesome little shop, Twenty Five Designs.  You may remember me talking about her?  She has a lovely button over there on the right.  Also?  She has beautiful long hair.  Hers looks so great straight.  I am envious.  And lastly?  She is a devout participant in Steppin’ Out Saturdays and again, I have to ask, “WHY IS YOUR TARGET BETTER THAN MINE?!?”

Funky Mama Bird because well, she is funky!  She has the coolest sense of style and?  She makes the most gorgeous jewelry!  I happen to have one of her bracelets, but I hope to add to that collection.  So she is stylish AND she makes me stylish.  WIN!

Tatter Scoops because she is beautiful.  Seriously.  She is a beautiful writer AND a beautiful person.  Every time I see a new picture of her, I wish I could be so versatile and cool with my look.

Gussy Sews because again, she makes others look GOOD!  And she is all cute and blond and sweet and friendly while she does it.

Linz Loves You because she is young and full of sass.  She is my newest addition to my bloggy reading.  She finds things at Good Will that I swear they don’t even have at my Target.  Seriously, why do I not find these fashionable clothes?  She is always there for advice on, well, anything, but for the purpose of this post?  Just know she will tell me if I look frumpy.

All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something because she has THE PANTS.  ‘nuf said.

In Pursuit of Martha Points because she looks good in antlers AND she happens to have great hair.  She is amazing for a million other reasons, but this?  Is about her style.  Which she has flowing from her like wine.  mmmm….wine.

Modern Bird because she is also one of the funky, cool ladies who I wish I could emulate in the style department.  And she may be part of a super stylish little business.  Maybe.

Not Mommy of the Year, O My Family, AND Raising Madison because they make pregnant look good.  I did NOT look this cute and glowing and stylish while pregs with the Edster.

And last but NOT least, She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Sister because she drips with style-sauce.  She is quite a bit like me, but she can do cute up-do’s in her hair and I like her tats.  So you know…stylish.

There award accepted.  And totally appreciated!

pssst…also?  Since we are talking about style?  Have you checked out my sponsors over there on the right?  There is a new one!  Sarah Bee Creations just jumped into the Nation!  She has the most yummy handmade soaps and soy candles and so much more!  A big post featuring her to come…but go take a peek.  You will love her!

Superfudge and other Christmas Miracles

I polled the audience and it seems that you would all like to see my ridiculousness try to make fudge.

And of course I had to name this post “Superfudge” because Lisa told me to, and she and I share a love of Judy Blume, She-ra, and side ponytails (which I am rocking in this vlog, by the way).

So.  Here is my vlog on my attempt at making my dad’s fudge.

Oh…wait.  first I should set it up for you.

This was what happened last year (in case you forgot):

fudgey turd pile

in years before that?  It hasn’t even set up.  We have used it as chocolate syrup for ice cream.  Last year?  It overly set up.  Sigh…

On to this year! Ok, first I prepped everything:

gathered my supplies

propped up my camera precariously on popcorn tin, Eddie's blocks, and Sandra Boynton books

and then?  the vlog:

Eddie and me sampling the goods

yeah, it actually turned out.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was containing my excitement about this on camera for fear I would look even sillier, but I was way excited.

Also?  This post is titled “and other Christmas Miracles” because guess what…BONUS VIDEO FOR YOU!

If my fudge turning out for the first time in EVER wasn’t the best thing?  We got a package today from one Miranda.  It had a cute Christmas card and a little something she just “whipped” up to give Eddie from her Joshua.

What a great day!!!  Fudge and crayons!!!  Seriously…how does it get better than this?

Top Ten Tuesdays: Holiday Food

Family, friends, decorations, peace on earth, blah , blah, BLAH!

We all know that from Thanksgiving through New Year’s it’s really all about FOOD!  I really don’t want to know how much sugar, butter, chocolate, and cream cheese I got through in that month’s time.  It’s pretty obscene.  And it makes it VERY clear why most people throw their diet out the window this time of the year.  I mean, who can say no to these yummies?

That is why this week Sluiter Nation is counting down our Top Ten favorite holiday foods.

#10 Homemade Caramel Corn

Oh my…YUM!  This is the most buttery, yummy caramel corn I have ever had in my life!  Each year my mom would make at LEAST two batches of this treat for us.  And now that I have my own little house and family, I make it too…and boy is it a hit!

And just because I love you all so much, here is the recipe:

2 cups (or a little less) of popcorn (not microwave)

pop the popcorn and set aside in large bowls for later.

In a saucepan on the stove bring the following ingredients to a boil:

2 cups of brown sugar

1 cup of butter (or margarine)

1/2 cup of light corn syrup

1 teaspoon of salt

boil for 5 minutes while continuously stirring.

After five minutes remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

mix until fluffy

pour mixture over popcorn and mix

spread mixed popcorn on REALLY greased pans and bake for one hour at 250 degrees.  Stir every 15 minutes

cool on waxed paper and then enjoy!

#9 Christmas Cookies

I already told you guys about our Christmas cookie making extravaganza here.  It’s a great tradition we have.

#8 Banket

First of all?  I don’t like almond-flavored things, but Cort LOVES it.  Banket is a Dutch treat that my Grandmas both used to make.  In fact, I have to use my Dutch cookbook.   Mine never turns out very pretty, but Cort always says it’s yum.

#7 Peanut Butter Balls

This one is another fan favorite at our house.  Every year I hand roll the peanut butter balls and then hand dip them in chocolate and then hand shove them into my mouth.  Nom nom nom.

#6 Puppy Chow

I make about three batches of this every holiday season.  People LOVE it.  My sister-in-law could live on it, and I have seen my friend Trisha eat it until she felt sick.  It’s that delicious.  For anyone who has never had this?  I feel VERY sorry for you.  It’s yum.

#5 Tortilla Roll-ups

This one isn’t a sweet treat and I don’t have a picture since I am making them Friday for a holiday party, but they make a yummy little appetizer plus?  they are the easiest thing EVER to make.  All you do is spread a mixture of veggie cream cheese and relish on a tortilla, add dry beef, roll it up, slice it so they look like little pinwheels and stick a tooth pick in for easy eat-ability.  Yum on a stick.

#4 Buffalo Chicken Dip

Again, I don’t have a picture of this, but it’s such a great dip to bring along to your holiday parties this year.  Not only is it addictive (which means you won’t have to take leftovers home), but it makes people want to drink…um…refreshments (which means the party will be super fun and entertaining).  And yes, it has cream cheese in it.  Duh.

#3 Cream Puffs

This one was my father-in-law’s favorite treat.  I used to make them for our holiday get together with him every year upon his request.  After he passed, I didn’t make them for a couple year because I just couldn’t bring myself too.  But last year, my sis-in-law and bro-in-law requested I bring back the tradition.  So again, I busted out the Dutch cookbook and made some yummy cream puffs.

#2 Crab Dip

This one is hot demand whenever we are invited to a holiday party too.  I got this recipe from my almost-sister-in-law’s mom about six years ago.  It melts faces it’s so good.  Seriously.  It’s a warm dip (and does NOT have cream cheese in it…ok, yes it does.)  It is served with crackers and usually I don’t get any of it because it goes so fast.  Yum.

#1 My dad’s fudge

my confession here is that I have never made this correctly (clearly, by the picture of fudge poo you can tell this fact).  I have tried EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR to make this, but I always rush it and it either turns out like a nasty syrup, or it is all crumbly and crystallized and disgusting.  But my dad?  mmmm.  he makes the BEST fudge.  It is the messiest process I have ever seen, but it’s so tasty.  It just melts in your mouth.  So yes, I will be trying again this year.  Stay tuned.  I might vlog it…if you’re lucky.

Want any of the recipes I talked about here?  Let me know in the comments and maybe I will put them up on the blog if there is enough interest.

What are your favorite foods during the holiday season?  Have a Top Ten?  Link up!

ps.  all pictures were taken last year…when we could put presents and decorations on a lower level.  This can’t happen anymore.  you know, because of the toddler.

pssst.  I have also linked MY link up with my girl, Lish over at A Beautiful Mess.  Since today IS Tasty Tuesday and these treats are all quite tasty.  Click over to see more food!!!

She Does It All…No Really…She Does IT ALL.

Ok so you all tell me I do a lot.

But I have a friend.

Oh yes, I have a friend.

back when we met in college. always goofy.

You may have heard me mention her once in a while.  She has a little photography business that my family may frequent.

Missy Widener is probably the most energetic, giving, kind, thoughtful woman I know.

She has been moving and shaking since our college years when she quit to move to New York City to pursue her goal of acting.  Then she moved out to LA.  She was doing everything I was too scared to ever do.

When she got married and settled down back in the area, she never really “settled down”.

No way.  She got herself a teaching degree, had herself three of the most gorgeous kids I have ever seen, and started a little business that exploded into a HUGE business (because she is that awesome).

photo credit: Whitney Jill Photography

I am fairly certain this woman doesn’t sleep.

If she is not up at all hours editing zillions of photos from her shoots (because she refuses to keep people waiting), she is thinking up thoughtful and fun ways to keep her friends smiling.

Rock on DJ Lance Rock!

During her last pregnancy, she not only handled having HORRIBLE vericose veins (she had to wear tights and then have surgery), but she ran around beaches taking pictures of families and toddlers, planned and ran family events for her own family, and baked up a storm for those in need.

Once her little man was here?  She did NOT slow down.  This girl had THREE surgeries on her legs and still managed to bring treats to her daughters school for all the teachers and work with the PTA there.  She kept her booming business going and plotted with another one of our friends to get me out of the house for a girls night to fight my PPD.

And even though her own birthday loomed near?  She ignored it and had a Yo Gabba Gabba first birthday complete with games, a bounce house, and dancing for her littlest and a tea party for her oldest princess.

She does it ALL.

stress relief

And she does it all with a smile on her face.  Because it’s the only way she knows how.  And we all love her for it!

She deserves a break.  A fabulous, fun, lovely break.  I just wish I could give it to her.

This post is my nomination for Missy Widener to win the Centrum Ultra women’s holiday contest.  She is the most giving, energetic woman I know.  She deserves this.

This has been done in conjunction with One To One Network, of which I am a member.

did someone say “birthday extravaganza”?

Birthdays are sort of a big deal in Sluiter Nation.  I have always thought that your birthday is your own special day and it needs to be GOOD.  It has nothing to do with age…all about it being YOUR day.

Since Cort’s birthday is in December, I try extra hard to make it all about his birthday since I know that in the past it has gotten lost in the shuffle of Christmas.

Thus started the tradition of the BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA in Sluiter Nation.

Friday I had the day off work (for various reasons, Cort’s birthday was a bonus), so we did some errands, had birthday lunch out, and saw Santa (totally a different post, since you know…that has to do with Christmas).

So anyway, Friday on his birthday we had to have birthday brownies.  because that is what Cort loves best.

We also had dinner at his mom and step-dad’s house.  Orange chicken and rice and egg rolls…um?  YUM!  And cupcakes for dessert!  Of course there were presents as well, and now Cort has his own wheelbarrow to push Eddie lawn stuff around in this spring.

Saturday was date night, so this is my version of Steppin’ Out Saturday:

Eddie went to Grandpa and Grandma Riemersma’s house so we could have our birthday date.

On Eddie:

Onsie and jeans = Osh Kosh

vest = Baby Gap

socks = target

Cortney and I went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum to see the Bodies Revealed exhibit (VERY AWESOME) and then to Six One Six for a swanky meal and cocktails.

On Cort:

Button Down Shirt = Old Navy

Jeans = Gap

Socks = Hanes

Belt = from Younkers

On Me:

cami = Gap

Sweater = Old Navy

Jeans = Gap

Boots = Shoe Carnival

Necklace = Cap Creations

Earrings = Vintage Pearl

And today to round out all the fun, we gathered at my parents’ house again to celebrate December birthdays:  Cort and our nephew Jack.  There was lasagna dinner, presents galore, and cakes for every birthday boy!

It’s been a jam-packed weekend here in Sluiter Nation, but it’s been super fun!  We do love birthdays!

Stop by for Top Ten Tuesdays this week:  Top Ten Holiday Foods!

Milk and Cookies

nothing better on a cold, snowy Saturday.

and this is why I can’t do mcfatty until after the holidays

Yesterday I posted about the tradition of putting up our Christmas tree filled with ornaments that mean something to us.

Today I have another tradition to share with you.

When my brothers and cousins were little, we used to have Sunday after church dinner at my Grandma Jo’s house every single week.

One special Sunday in December was when she hauled out all of her Christmas ornaments and let us decorate her tree while she and the aunts baked Christmas cookies for us to decorate.

Decorating Grandma’s tree was so special because she kept each ornament (no matter how ridiculous) wrapped up in a piece of paper towel tucked in one of many boxes.  Even though we were all bound to unwrap some syrofoam cup made into a bell, we all handled each paper toweled package as if we were unwrapping an irreplaceable treasure.

And really we were.

My grandma has been gone for almost a decade.  I don’t know what happened to many of those treasures, probably thrown away with everything else that wasn’t deemed worth auctioning off or that none of us had “claimed” when we quickly went through her disheveled rooms looking for something to remember her by.

When she no longer lived at her house or decorated a tree or celebrated Christmas in this world with us, my brothers and I were still unwilling to give up the tradition of tree and cookie decorating.

So for the past few years…at least since I can remember…we have been gathering at my mom and dad’s house to have our kids decorate their tree.  This is the first year that Eddie could sort of help.  Jack will be six this year and has been helping grandma for as long as he can remember.

My mom doesn’t wrap everything in paper towel (despite our pleadings), but she does keep everything.  If we made it in grade school?  She still has it.  So when she takes the old boxes down, it’s fun to remember what sorts of treasures grandma has in there.

She has some really, really old ornaments that I am sure are not really worth much, but are most definitely….old.

Many of the ornaments on my parents’ tree are handmade…not just by us kids, but by my mom.  When she and my dad were first married, she made all sorts of decorations.

Chris found the traditional Christmas turtle (yeah, we don’t know.  but you better bet it went on the tree).

Chris and my mom grandma show Jack and Eddie how it’s done.

oh look!  something I made!  Put it on the tree!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget…part 2 of the tradition is decorating Christmas cookies.

my mom bakes somewhere around a million cookies the day before.

We all have our jobs.  Cort and my mom are in charge of frosting all those naked cookies.

Jack is our master decorator.

but we all do pretty well.

And since Eddie is to young to understand decorating?  He just eats.

I watched as we were all able to come out despite busy schedules and sniffling colds and other lazy Sunday plans.  Grandma Jo was definitely there too…smiling on us and telling us not to lick our fingers.

Oh and ps…this cookie extravaganza?  This is just the tip of the iceberg of why I cannot do McFatty during the holidays.  Stay tuned in January when I decide to kick my butt in gear…just like the rest of America.

we have friends…

we have friends…

whom we have known for about 20 years…

that we went to middle school, high school, and college with…

who were with us at our first concerts…

who searched high and low for the rare concert “bootleg” cd in all the record stores…

who now live all over the country from west to east to north to south…

who have seen us cry…

who have been in our wedding…

whom we can be silly with…

who have held and loved our child…

who have held and loved us…

whom we have visited…

who come to visit us…

thanks for covering up my new mom boobs.

whom we only see once or twice a year instead of every single day like in the good old days…

who we miss before we even leave them…

damn, i love these girls.

i am so lucky we were able to be together this Thanksgiving.

the year I didn’t make pie

Before 2007, every Thanksgiving was exactly the same for me: Thanksgiving with Cort’s side for lunch, hang out, my grandma’s house for dinner, end up hanging with our high school/college buddies.

We were always running around.  We were always too full.  We were maybe a wee bit grumpy.

In 2007, we decided that maybe keeping things exactly how they always have been wasn’t working.  In 2008, while I was pregnant with Eddie, we had Thanksgiving with friends who didn’t have any family around to celebrate with.  I made lots of pie.

Once Eddie was born, we decided that instead of running all over and getting overly full, we would visit one side and have our big dinner with the other, and switch each year.

Last year we had Eddie’s first Thanksgiving at Cort’s mom and stepdad’s house. (go ahead and click that link…vintage Eddie is always fun to see).  I made lots of pie.

This year, we stopped in at Granny and Grampy’s house for cocktails, but we did our mega-meal with my side this year.

my sweet Grandma

My Grandma and Grandpa Riemersma have hosted Thanksgiving dinner ever since I can remember, but in recent years, it’s become too much for them to have it at their house, so my aunt has found places for our family to gather the past couple years.  This year we were in the basement of a church.

what can I do to help, grandma?

when we got there, Grandma was in the kitchen getting the coffee ready.  something about her bustling around in a church kitchen reminded me of all the years that she did Lady’s Aid in our church.

Everyone brought something–of course.  My mom, slick lady that she is, signed me up for green bean casserole.

the greenbean casserole was my doing...the squash? never.

The spread was ALMOST as good as if we were all sitting around Grandpa and Grandma’s dining room table.

the spread. and it was good.

There were three tables set up for all of us…which was a little sad because it was just like having dinner at my parents’ house since Cort and Eddie and I ate with my parents.  I didn’t get to talk to everyone all that much during dinner.

Everything was quite scrumptious though no matter where you were sitting.  And Eddie? He was a fan of his grandma’s squash.

yes, I took his sweater off. it was a cute sweater, but it wouldn't have been post squash.

And after all that food?  There was of course coffee and dessert.  And what kind of dessert do you have on Thanksgiving?


I made no pies this year.  It was weird.  I muddled around the house all day on Wednesday questioning what I should be doing with my day.  I mean, why else would schools have Wednesday off if it wasn’t for pie-making?  I felt all lost.

But I thought for SURE after I had some yummy pumpkin pie, my holiday would feel complete and I wouldn’t be sad about not making pie.

and then?  wait for it…THERE WAS NO PUMPKIN PIE!

Cort and I just looked at each other.  No pumpkin pie?  Were we dreaming?  Was this not really Thanksgiving?  We had JUST had the conversation the night before with our friends (who had all decided to NOT have pumpkin pie since it’s not the biggest hit at their family party) that it was just plain weird to not have pumpkin pie.

And now here we stood…pumpkin pie-less.

sadness washed over the Sluiters.

But then?  Grandma brought out the traditional Thanksgiving Bingo.  Grandma knows how to distract sad Sluiters.

yes, that is WD-40. travel size.

There are “prizes” involved in our family game.  It’s not dirty bingo, so you get what you get or you get nothing if that is how the card rolls.  These prizes involve anything from candy, to Christmas decor, to duct tape.  This is real competitive stuff, people.

Michael Riemersma: Caller II

Traditionally, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, my brother, Chris calls bingo.  He has been the Caller for years.  I actually can’t remember Thanksgiving before bingo and since bingo started?  Chris called.

But last year he wasn’t there, so our youngest brother, who has been in training for this office for years.  He has faithfully sat next to Chris and learned the technique of Caller.

The key, apparently, is to hold the letter/number token close to your mouth–like a microphone–and use your most booming voice possible to announce: B-10!!

not even close to a stinking bingo

And since as Caller you can’t win bingo?  Grandma always rewards the Caller for a job well-done with a king size butterfinger (this year was Reece’s PB cups since she couldn’t find a king sized butterfinger).

no bingo for those under 5

Since Eddie couldn’t play bingo, he monstered around the room until he ended up on Grandma’s lap.

By the time we left, it was past Eddie’s bedtime and everyone had such full tummy’s they had to waddle out to their cars with their bingo spoils.

All in all, a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Next year?  We are back to Granny and Grampy’s house.

And hopefully I will get to make pie again.  And you better BET I will be making a pumpkin pie.

This post is linked with Not Super…Just Mom’s Super Sunday Link up of our best day of the week.  While I had many great days this week, this is the one I chose to link up!  Now hop over to her place and read about some more super days!

Not Super...Just Mom

I am thankful for…

the way Cort’s face is all squishy and malleable looking in the early morning when he gets up just to have five extra minutes with me during the day.

the careful way Eddie’s little hands stack blocks.

the way the house gets cleaned while I am gone for 14 hours.

Cort’s “concentration” face when he is playing on facebook.

Eddie’s little sighs and giggles when he is playing with lamby in his bed.

that cat fur that i find everywhere (no seriously, it means my old cat is still around).

a mom who is fun.

a mother-in-law who is silly (oooo whoooooo!!!!!)

family that spoils my little boy when we are not able to.

unemployment benefits and extensions.

a job.

the other job.

the extra duty pay.

the overload pay.

friends who travel across the country for holidays.

friends–whom I have never met–who are all over the country (and the world).

the support that pours everywhere when things are rough.

the way Eddie “breaks it down” like a football player at random.

Sesame Street still being on the air.


a dad who loves his grandsons.

Chris, Sarah, MacKenzie, Dave, Mike, Ashley, Cody, Liz.

so many invitations to gatherings that we have to turn some down.

a budget that we can still meet.


the way Eddie runs his lamby’s ear through his finger and under his nose.

blond curls.

the adoption process.

our home.

toys scattered everywhere showing lots of fun has happened.

Cort’s mad budgeting skills that have afforded us fun even when things are tight.


the way Eddie says, “ma ma ma” and “hi da!”


the giving nature of strangers.

PPDCHAT and all the support I have found there.

the way Cort still holds my hand every night as we fall asleep.

the kisses Eddie has learned to blow.

the parents who are involved in helping their students succeed.

Thanksgiving dinner.

my car that has faithfully been bringing me everywhere for seven years.

satellite radio.

poop and fart jokes.

friends who want to see us smile.

Eddie’s love of music.

Cort’s love of music.


Missy, Mat, Erika, and Torie.

Cort’s random wit.

the way Eddie’s face scrumples up when he giggles.

the warmth of a loving family.