Eddie had a little lamb…

This is Eddie’s lovey, Lamby.

As you can see, Lamby is a bit…shall we say…dingy.

I have a hard time remembering exactly where this Lamby came from.

I think when I turned 23 or 24 it was in a bookcase my parents had delivered to me for my birthday.  I think the card was held onto Lamby by a bow along with a balloon.

Basically Lamby was the cute balloon weight.

At least in my memory.

Anyway, for years Lamby was in a closet or on the guest bed or wherever.  He was super soft…like if suede and velvet had a baby?  It would have been Lamby.

So two years ago Eddie was born.  Lamby lived in his room because he has a animal theme and several people had gotten him lamb-type things (apparently lambs = cute baby gifts.  who am I to argue?)

Somehow Eddie started favoring Lamby.

He loved to put Lamby’s soft ears in between his finger and rub the ear under his nose.

He still does.

He also puts Lamby’s face right up against his own when he is tired.  And tucks him under his neck to cuddle.

It’s really quite heartwarming.

But all this cuddling and finger-twiddling and nose rubbing and the occasional ear-sucking?

Has made Lamby not just sort of dingy?  But also a little smelly.

I get that the smell is comforting to him…but EW!

So after a LOT of tweeting yesterday, I decided it was time to clean Lamby.  Eddie was gone for the day to daycare, so he wouldn’t need him until later that afternoon when he was home.

But people?  I was nervous.

There is no replacement for this thing.  It was a random gift and I cannot for the life of me find another.

I was determined to be as careful as possible.

Lamby’s tag said to surface wash only.  This did not help my nerves.  I figured if I got some Dreft and cool water and a toothbrush, I would be golden.

Only…it didn’t do much but make Lamby’s foot soapy.

So I went to the twitter where it was determined that I should throw Lamby into a pillowcase, tie it off, and toss him into the delicate cycle of the washer.

This brought great trepidation upon me and his “surface wash only” tag.

But people just kept cheering me on…

So I gave in.

I put Lamby into a pillow case (and morbidly, I felt like I was about to drown a cat), and prepared him for his bath.  But not before warning twitter that it was their heads if Lamby came out a pile of fluff and beanies.

And then?  I started the washer.

Every time I heard a new cycle start?  My feet would sweat….and of course I would tweet about it.

Don’t worry…Lamby did, indeed, live.

Since he came out only damp, I decided to take CDG’s suggestion and let him sit in the sun to dry out completely.

He seemed Ok with that decision.

And when Eddie got home, he snatched him up, smelled him a couple times and then sat on the chair with him…all the while rubbing one ear between his thumb and his finger.


Mission accomplished.

Does your child(ren) have a lovey?  Is washing it a battle?


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