sounds of a day

local news anchors reporting the weather, traffic, global events.

Cort’s ipod alarm music choice.

Sports Center

my shower and then his shower.

Octanauts…creature report!

da da da da da.

sleepy yawns and whines.

bye bye’s and more whines.

my engine turn over.



Mrs. Sluiter…did you get my…do you have grades done…he said…she said…did you hear…what about…I know this one….whine whine whine….laugh….that snappy sound teens make with their mouths…OMG!….Mrs. Sluiter…Mrs. Sluiter…MRS. SLUITER!


feet shuffling the halls.

coats and backpacks shushing in and out of doors and around the room.

typey typey.


sniffle sniffle cough cough.

papers rustling.

pages turning.

pencils scratching.

music…wait. music? TURN THAT OFF!


click click click.

pen to paper.

papers shuffling.

engines and music.


muh muh da da da da.

singing to music.

doors slamming.

coats and boots and bags shuffling.



water running and formula container shuffling.

juice pouring.

Wild wild wild krats!

water boiling.

oven beeping.

phone buzzing.

door slamming.


Da da da da! Mmmmmm!

plates and cups and forks and spoons and knives.


num num num.

I don’t want that. I don’t yike that. I won’t eat that. this is de-yis-us!

daily reports.

what did you do today?  did you have a great day?

work talk work talk

running water and snapping lids.

baths running and naked boys giggles.

running feet.

splashing water.

high pitched squeals and belly laughs.

snaps on jammies.

bottle sucking.

pipey sucking.

Octanauts…creature report!

you and me…solve a mystery…with Huckle!

nigh night.

shuffling feet.

stories read.

stories told.

fears shared.

reassurances given.

slow breathing.

Pipey sucking.

running water.

sheet situating.

humidifier humming.

slow breathing.


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