my favorite eddie


In just over a month you will be turning three.

I just looked back at my posts from this time last year and the year before, and I was clearly sad that you were getting older.

This year I don’t feel sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like this whole deal where time steals my babies from me and replaces them with big boys.

But this year, pride is definitely choking out any sadness I feel about you getting bigger and older.

Eddie Bear, I am so fricking proud of you I could burst.

Yes, we have hard times.  You are almost three, after all.

You have a very, VERY strong stubborn streak and you are incredibly independent.

You want to do EVERYTHING “my own self, mommy.”

From helping me make juice to putting on your shoes to getting in your car seat to brushing your teeth.

No help is needed until you have tried and failed.  And even then, instead of jumping right in to do something for you, I try to encourage you to try again.

I was always such a quitter as a kid (and as an adult, if I am being honest).  It’s because I had no faith in myself that I could do anything.  I don’t want you to feel that way about yourself.  You are so bright and hardworking; daddy and I encourage you to do as much as you want to do on your own.

Because of this, you have become my helper.

Thursdays are now when Daddy has class, so you and I take care of Charlie together.   And soon, you will be home with me three days a week throughout the summer, and I can tell already that you and I will be a team.

Whenever we decide to do something, you say, ‘are we good to go?  let’s DO this!”

I die from the cute every time.

Most of the time you are very aware of your baby brother’s needs too.

If I am making dinner and he starts fussing or crying, you will jump over, put his pacifier in, and sweet talk to him.  Then you’ll announce, “I fixed baby Cha-wee, mommy.  Not you.  I.”

It makes me proud that you are so caring.

Eddie, you have no sense of being “too little” for anything.  And I love it.  If you see someone do something, you want to do it too and it never occurs to you that you might fail.

I wish I had this confidence.  This self-assurance.

You amaze me, Mr. Bear.

This past week you announced to me that you could read.  You opened How the Elephant Got His Trunk on my Nook and started telling me the story just by looking at the pictures.  You even got all the dialogue exactly right.

You sure can read, Eddie.  I am so proud.

Today you threw yourself on me and hugged me tight and announced, “you’re my favorite mommy, mom.”

I melted all over.  And then squeezed you so tight you squealed.

“You’re my favorite Eddie, Ed.”

And you giggled.

I love your giggle.  I love that you laugh at ridiculously obnoxious stuff like I do.

I love that daddy rolls his eyes at us when we are giggling about ridiculously obnoxious stuff.

I love that you have my same weird, quirky sense of humor.  You know.  The one that drives daddy crazy.

Yes, Eddie, we have our hard times, but you and I?  We are definitely a team.

I am so excited for you to turn three.

Because I am so proud of who you are.

And now?  Us being silly.  Because it’s our favorite.

Bud, you know I love you when I will post totally unflattering pictures of myself on the interwebs just because I love how much fun we had.

Don’t ever take yourself any more seriously than you do now…at age 2 and 11 months.

I love you.

You are my favorite Eddie, Ed.

Your favorite Mommy