Yup, we were cliche…and it was AWESOME

Six years ago today….


I got my hair done pretty, had my make-up professionally done, and heaved on a big white dress…

And met my best friend–soon to be my groom–at a beautiful white church.

mr. and Mrs. sluiter

We spoke words we had written to each other…

A wedding vow poem by Cortney Sluiter

With this ring I thee wed

For awhile now, these thoughts in my head

Trials, tribulations, these things I do not care

As long as you are near me, always standing there

Our parents support, strong, loving, sometimes scary

Even when we didn’t want it, although quite necessary

Brothers, Sisters, the family we gain

Watch out for the youngest he can be a pain

Friends made and shared, throughout the years

Sometimes laughter sometimes tears

Lazy afternoons, TV bowling, Sunday football

Whenever we needed to chat, all we did was call

We’ve been there for each other at the drop of a hat

Even when we were feeling stinky and fat

Large meals, full stomachs, food comas and such

I enjoy days like that, when we don’t do much

Single days, lonely nights are not much fun

That is all over, now that two become one.

Holding your hand, a kiss on the cheek

All of these things, everyday I still seek

Love, honor, cherish, a marriage consists of these

I take you as my wife, need I say please?

Soon the two of us will make our house a home

That is why I wrote this poem

I could go on, but I think I’m through

No one really wants to hear page two

But before I finish, I know one thing’s true

I Love you Katie*, I’m glad God made you.

(*this is the only time I have ever heard Cort call me “Katie” in our entire lives)

A wedding vow letter by Katie Riemersma


In the 10 or so years that we have been friends, we have already seen each other through quite a bit.  There have been wonderfully hilarious times, and some pretty rough patches, but through it all, our friendship has always seemed to grow.

Two summers ago, we chose to be “more than friends.”  I know we were both nervous that this would affect the great friendship we already had.  And it did.

Today, I get to become your wife: the highest level of friendship.  As your wife,

I promise to love and respect you through anything that life may deal us.
I promise to laugh and celebrate with you in the good times.
I promise to stand beside you and give support through the rough times.
I promise to share all that I have and all that I am to better our marriage.
I promise to cheer you up when you’re grumpy and to give you the space you need to be an individual.
I will listen to you when you need to talk.
I will trust you and believe in you.
I will work with you and with God to always put our marriage first.

I promise to always be your best friend and the one you can come to for anything as long as we both shall live.

We sealed the deal with many, many smootches.

garter belt search

we did all the cliche traditional things that happen at weddings…right down to FILM photography.

bouquet toss

and we had so very much fun.

dancing with my husband

we had no idea what was ahead of us.

and it didn’t matter.

that day?  really was the most fun I have ever had in my life.

and when things are hard?  I remember that I am so very lucky…

to have married my best friend.

I love you, Cortney.