the status of my hair

My hair has become an unfortunate popular topic for me to talk about in this space lately.

I don’t know why I am so self-conscious about it other than that a couple years ago when this little blog started getting other followers besides my mom, a few people mentioned that they loved my hair.

I thought they must be insane because my hair was nothing to write home about.  But they felt differently and it sort of gave me a boost of confidence, if I am being totally honest.

For years my stylist (also my cousin) kept telling me how healthy and awesome my hair was.  I just figured that is what she says to everyone.  I mean, the lady at Merle Norman told me I had great skin when she did my makeup, and I KNOW that was a lie.

But now I was starting to think that it was very possible that my hair was…nice.

Great, even.

So I focused on it more.  I treated it very well and used only salon products on it.

And while I was pregnant with Charlie?  It got downright luscious.  Yes, I had luscious hair, people. Pregnancy does that to me.  See?

five days before having eddie…GREAT HAIR!

And then I had Charlie and it all fell out on the floor, in the shower, on my pillow, on all of our clothes, on blankets, everywhere.

I was pretty sure my hair was doomed to be blech.

So when BlogHer sent out a survey for those interested in possibly reviewing a Dove conditioner, I was all over it.  I needed something new for this mop and trying to choose something new at the store can be overwhelming and expensive.

I tend to stand in the hair products aisle for 30 minutes trying to decide what to spend my money on that won’t end up making my hair feel all heavy and coated with wax.  I hate that feeling.  Plus then it gets too soft that it won’t do anything but hang limp.

I don’t know about you, but when my hair hangs limp my face looks enormous. When my face looks enormous, all the features I hate most about it stand out…like my postpartum acne.  And my double chins.

Anyway, back to the conditioner.

I was sent the Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner.

My first reaction was aw nuts.  I was hoping for the Color Repair since I have colored hair.  Also, “oil”?  My hair has enough of that.  It’s not that I didn’t’ think it would be lovely…for someone…but I didn’t think it would maybe work for me.

The next thing I did was sniff it.  Because Dove products always smell fabulous.  They do.  And the conditioner did too.  I was very excited to at least have yummy smelling hair.

My hair doesn’t tend to be too dry and frizzy, but I do subject it to the humid weather we have been having and during the school year (which started last week), I blow it dry every. single. day.  And a couple times a week I use a curling iron or a flat iron.  So my hair takes a beating, that is for sure.

Dove’s advanced conditioners are made to repair hair and replace nourishment.  It has patented Micromoisture Serum (to me that sounded like it would weigh my hair down when I first read it) that targets the damage and makes it all better by repairing the surface of the hair by sealing lifted cuticles.

I gave it the side eye thinking it would make my hair flat, but the smell made me smile all dreamily and I went ahead and used it.

And then used it again. And again.  And over and over for a few weeks.

I know you know I’m going to say this, but I love it (hence the reason I ALWAYS apply to review Dove products…they always rock).

It did not weigh my hair down or feel greasy AT ALL…even with the word “oil” in the name.  In fact, I thought it was a fluke the first couple times, until it just got BETTER as I used it.

right out of the shower/blow dryer. Zero product in hair (or on face, clearly)

I am very happy with how light and full my hair feels right out of the shower after I blow it dry.  Today I didn’t even put in any root booster stuff and it STILL felt great.

And it looks healthy.  I don’t think you can tell that I lost a bushel of hair over the past couple months.

After a bit of styling and product it easily stays put.  My hair doesn’t get too soft like it can with other conditioners that leave a waxy film on my hair.

even out at the lake, in a breeze, it stayed where I wanted it too, but felt great.

Also in full honesty?  I loved this conditioner so much that when I noticed my super pricey salon brand shampoo was almost out, I bought the Dove shampoo that complements this conditioner.  So I am not just using it because it was free.  I really do love it and am going to buy this as my new brand from now on.

And it was about the third of the cost of my pricey salon stuff. WIN!

No more frizzy ends.  No more oily scalp.  No more weighted down, blah hair.

I finally feel like myself again.  The journey of my postpartum hair woes is over.

Thanks, Dove!

So tell me…what do you do to keep your hair looking and feeling awesome?  Because if there is anything I learned over this summer, it’s not to let my hair go to crap.


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