mom + dad = eddie

Shell over at Things I Can’t Say did a Rock the Baby Bump last month.  Remember?

This month she is doing a Rock the Baby link-up.

Since I only have one baby to rock, I had to get creative here.

Not that I have anything against putting up a million baby pictures of just Eddie, but I thought I would treat you to something different.

So I have for you…

Mom+Dad = Eddie

You will love it…I just know.


my first picture in the hospital

+ Dad

Cort's first picture in the hospital

= Eddie

one of Eddie's first pictures in the hospital


me at 6 months


Cort probably around 3 months


Eddie at 4 months


me in a swing


Cort in a swing (why did our moms take such off-center pics in the 70's?)

= Eddie

Eddie in the swing (oh what a change in swings!)

can you stand more?  Ok…a one more…


me two years old

+ Dad

Cort two years old

= Eddie

Eddie almost two years old

So what do you think?  Is Eddie a pretty good mix of me and Cort?


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