Send a Kate to BlogHer: A Fundraiser…or Two

If you’re here from the Red Dress Club, my post is on Exploded Moments today, but you are welcome to stay for this one too.


Yes, I am still trying to raise money to get to BlogHer.

The good news is that with your generous donations and some more money earned by me, I am at the halfway mark to my goal!  Yay!

Now I can book my flight!

I have less than three months until the trip, and I have about $500 left to earn so I can actually stay in a hotel in San Diego rather than a box on the street and so that I can pay Cort the money back for the ticket.

I am currently looking for some paid writing projects, but in the meantime I have a couple other fundraising things going on.

The first is brought to us by the lovely Amy.

She has generously offered to run a Scentsy fundraiser for me.


this one lives in our bedroom

With each purchase, 20% of the sales goes into the Send-A-Kate to BlogHer fund.

And if that is not awesome enough?  Anyone who books a Scentsy show with her?  She will donate 10% of the sales from THAT party to the Send-A-Kate fund as well.


this one lives in our downstairs family room

Whoo hoo!  I know you all love the scentsy, so why not stock up on bricks or bars OR get a new warmer for yourself?


this one lives in my classroom...awww! so cute!

All you have to do is shop my party by clicking this link.


this one lives in our bathroom

I have one that lives in the kitchen too, but I think you get the point.

I love Scentsy.

It is awesome.

I hope you do too…and just think, by stocking up?  You can help me get to San Diego!

Just click here and shop.


That is not the only way you can send me to BlogHer!

So you don’t like Scentsy, but you DO love T-shirts and other gear?

Step into the new Sluiter Nation Store!!!

You can get T-shirts and mugs and totes and so much more…all with Sluiter Nation blazoned across it!

Check it out:
and there are LOTS more styles and options too.

To shop, go here.  10% of sales go to my BlogHer fund.

And if you just want to donate and not get anything awesome, I still have the donate button up on the left side of the blog.

So to recap:

Scentsy fundraiser

Sluiter Nation Shop

Donation Button (on the left)

Also, please know that any money that is not used toward BlogHer (as in, I make more than I need)?  Will go toward me learning to Write Away Cancer.

Thank you for all of your support.  Your words mean the most to me.  Really.

we’ve got the fever, so we’re busting outta the cabin

Oh hey…I think I see spring….

crocus and tulips peeking through the bark...

That means we can bust out of the house and play OUTSIDE.

The Sluiters have been feeling pretty blah lately, so we thought that we should get some fresh air.

Who stole my baby?

getting the ride out of winter storage

look mom, DIRT!

it's much better out here without the snow

getting the golf clubs out for the first time this season

can't wait to ditch the hat and coat...warmer weather, come soon!

We were only out for about 45 minutes, but it was what we all needed!

Are you ready for spring too?


Also?  Today is the last day to “like” Eddie’s picture in the Modern Bird Facebook Photo Contest.

You just “like” Modern Bird, and then “like” Eddie’s picture (it’s number 94 in the line up).

Do us a solid and click that cute button and “like” our guy, will ya?

writing for the win

Cortney has about 534590834 cousins.

But one cousin, Josilyn, happens to be going to my alma mater, Western Michigan University, in the fall. In the honor’s college, nonetheless.

You guys, I am so proud.

The Beautiful Josilyn

This lovely lady has made me proud with her writing skills too.  She just entered an essay contest for a scholarship to help pay for her schooling at WMU.

The deal is though, that it is judged on popular vote.

I know I have asked for a LOT of voting from you all in the past week…but this is not for me.

Please read Josilyn’s short piece, “A Tutor’s A Tutor No Matter How Small“.  If you like it?  Vote for it.

That is all.

Help me win a $3,000 college scholarship. Vote for my essay!


Luck? Be a Lady, Would You?

I’ve been told matching double digits is lucky.

You know…like 22, 44, 66.

Well it’s 2011.  The year?  is ’11.

I decided when the clock struck midnight and 2010 was gone that this WAS going to be a lucky year.

Also?  In 11 days I turn 33.

Luck is all over that, right?

Well, I am going to totally push that luck.

I have mentioned that I am trying GOING to go to BlogHer in August.  It is a pricey trip.  I have been busting my writing hump to earn some coins to add to the jar…you remember the jar, yes?

throwing in any dollars I can find!

Cort took the jar idea one step further…because he knows that his wife is a visual learner and information processor…and created this for me:

that is a looong way to the top!

So my first Luck Button that I am pressing is the Mom Central grant contest.  You can vote for me to be in the running for a $2,000 grant by voting for me every 24 hours here.  You can also read my proposal there for what I would use the money for.

The other Luck Button I have started pushing has really nothing to do with blogging.  It has all to do with me wanting something beautiful for us.

That’s right, I entered Eddie in a photo contest.  The pictures with the Top Ten votes get put up in front of a panel of judges to possibly win the awesomest piece of art EVER.

This is the pictured I entered…


It’s number 94 in the line up on the Modern Bird facebook fan page.  And yes, the lovely Missy took this picture!

What do you think?  Is ’11 going to be a lucky year for us?  It’s proven itself so far with job news for Cortney and bloggy love for me!

Will you help push Luck along for us?

Syndicate? No, SEND-A-KATE!

Let me start this by saying I am not asking for your money.  Cool?  No money is being asked for here. Ok?  Ahem.  Anyway….

my BlogHer jar



It’s official.

Cortney bought me a ticket to BlogHer in San Diego at the beginning of August.

And that is as far as the Sluiters can go with funding this huge endeavor.  That is why every post I have syndicated on BlogHer (three so far!  Dang!) and every sponsored post you see on this blog?  Is money going toward my trip.

Even though I believe in my writing ability?  I know it’s probably not possible for me to save up the close to $1000 I will need to make this trip happen in that small of increments.

So I have applied for some help.

One that is for a sponsorship through a company is announcing this weekend.  With over 200 applicants, it’s sort of a long shot, so we will see.

The other is for a grant through Mom Central–a $2000 grant to be exact.  My application was accepted and right now, on faceboook contest apps, they are holding public voting.  Voting is open until April 15 and people can vote once every 24 hours.

To vote for me, click here and then click the big, green VOTE button.  It’s that easy.  Every 24 hours.

Clearly if I win this grant, I will get more money than I need to go to BlogHer.  With whatever is left, I plan to take a writing course and put the rest into The Red Dress Club. I believe that ever since I began linking up with their prompts, I have been producing better writing, and since becoming one of the hostesses?  A whole new world has opened to me.  I credit those ladies with pushing me to be the best writer I can.

I really need to get to BlogHer.  I want to be a better blogger.

Oh, and Nichole, Natalie, and Tonya will be mad if I drop out of our roomie pact.

So please?  Vote for me every 24 hours!

And if you love Thirty-One and all their SUPER cute stuff?  You can go shop now!  I am having an online party!  Click here and go over to “my events” on the right and choose to “shop” at Katie Sluiter’s party!  I would really, REALLY love if you did.

Reaching Outside the Nation

Today, I am sending you all to MacKenzie and Dave’s blog (Cort’s little sis and bro-in-law) to check out the online auction they have there to raise some money to bring their child(ren) home from Ethiopia. 

They have some REALLY great stuff on there for everyone:  hooded toddler towels, burp clothes, jewelry, handmade cups and a cutting board, Cubs tickets, Tigers tickets, and so SO much more!

So please go check it out at Stepping Stones, and maybe bid on something!  Help Eddie’s cousin(s) come home!

Helping Hands

Today I was asked by our National Honors Society adviser at Wyoming Park if I would like to join the NHS on one of their service days of helping with Habitat for Humanity. I enthusiastically accepted the invitation to help! Almost all of the 11th graders in NHS are my current students, and I felt this would be a great opportunity to lead as a role model and show the kids how great giving back to the community is!

The students are raising money to donate to Habitat and I thought, as a role model, I would also try to raise some money.

If you would like to donate, please let me know by contacting me (email me, text me, call me, leave comments here, whatever). I will be turning in the money on April 13, so I will need to have it in hand before then.

Any amount you want from just a couple bucks up to whatever. Checks can be made out to Habitat for Humanity. Please also include your address (if I don’t have it) so we can get you a receipt for tax purposes.

I promise to post pictures of me and my students working hard to help others have a home!

Call for Pictures!

Cortney and I have a HUGE favor to ask of our blog family…

After Father’s Day, Cort and I got to talking about how he doesn’t have any pictures of his dad. Some day we will eventually start thinking of starting a family, and it’s important to both of us that our kids know their Grandpa Steve (or Grandpa Slip…whatever you prefer). So….if anyone has any pictures of Steve–they can be of him with family, with the kids (Cort, Kenz, Cody), or with his friends–we would love to have a copy. You can email us digital pics OR if you only have originals (before the days of digital cameras), we have a scanner and promise to get the originals back to you in a timely fashion.

In the same strain, we are going to make more of an effort to get pictures of all of our parents, family members, and friends–you never know when you’ll be sorry you didn’t get that perfect picture–so look out Patti, Tom, Kim, Ray, Lynne, and the rest of you…our camera will be out in full force! And you thought I was crazy with it for scrapbooking and blogging purposes! 🙂

Thanks for your efforts ahead of time to get us pics of Steve…we know you will all come through for us because that is the kind of family and friends we have! You can email us the pictures to