when your internet connection acts like a jerk

Our internet connection has been spotty at best for some reason.  It’s like we have drowsy dial-up.

You can imagine how this is working with my pregnancy impatience.

Cort is beside himself trying to fix it.  He even went to Best Buy for a new modem in his bathing suit yesterday just to find out that they were all out.  Apparently the recent storm around here blew out modems all over the area.


So I am writing this in hopes that it will actually post.

In the time that this internet has acted up we’ve been busy….

1. I had my early ultrasound on Friday afternoon.  There was a bitty little peanut in there with a heartbeat of about 110 beats/min.  I have to go back on the 16th to get a better measurement and make sure the peanut is growing at the right rate.  I guess the upside to being an “at risk” pregnancy is the special treatment I get with all these extra peeks in at our bambino, but it never gets easier to say “fourth pregnancy, but one child”.

2. We celebrated the wedding of Cort’s cousin, Meg.  I have a picture of us, but the dumb sketchy internet won’t load it.

3.  I spent Saturday feeling like I might die from being pregnant.

4. I am almost all packed for BlogHer.  Yup, be jealous.

5. All of my laundry is done.

6. I finished reading a 1000 page book.  And as soon as the internet will play nice, there will be a book review on Katie’s Bookcase.

7. And we swam at Eddie’s Granny’s pool yesterday.

And today?  Today I feel crabby and out of sorts and apparently so does Eddie.  Today is a hard day for us which makes me sad.  I will be leaving for four whole days on Wednesday and he and I just are not getting along.

So today?  Today is hard.  And I will be taking a nap in a bit when he does.

And hope that when I hit publish that this actually publishes (I don’t have high hopes since I can’t even get the preview to work).