Ruby The Ruckus

My dad bought me this cow chew toy that looks like me.

We are two weeks into being dog owners and I am tired. This weekend, after being woken up by barking at 7am, I thought for the first time, “I wonder if we can give her back. I feel done with this.”

It’s a good thing she’s cute and that I know the puppy phase won’t last forever.

(It has taken me 15 minutes to write those three sentences because she keeps going where she is not supposed to be.)

I get the “how’s life with a puppy?” often. It’s exhausting! It’s a little like having a toddler around. Somewhere around a million times a day I say, “Ruby, no!” or “Ruby, down!” or “Ruby, Come!” to get her to stop nosing her way where she shouldn’t be or chewing on things she shouldn’t chew on. She is a very curious pup, which is good! BUT it’s a lot of work.

I can say that we are starting to learn each other now that it’s been two weeks.

She insists on being a lap dog

She is definitely a lap dog which doesn’t bode well for when she weighs 50 pounds. She will jump around barking at everyone until someone sits on the floor to play. Instead of playing, she will curl up on that person’s lap and fall asleep.

If it fits, it sits (even if it doesn’t really fits)

She will sleep from 11pm until about 5 or 6am before crawling out of her bed and going potty and poopers on her little pad. She doesn’t like being stuck in her crate with her yuckies, so she will start to whine until Cortney (or Eddie) gets her out, takes her outside to pee some more, and then stays up with her.

She is most rammy in the morning and late afternoon. Both after long sleeps. Ruby thinks she is a big dog and she is very bossy about it. She will bark at us and play tug with us and shake her squeeky stuffy toys around like she is trying to murder them. She has already demolished a Lamb Chop stuffy her breeder sent with her, and the cow that Cortney bought her this weekend is already eye-less.

She loves her little nylabones. She has a couple rope-like chew toys for tugging, but her favorite thing to play tug with is Charlie’s bathrobe and the strings on my hoodies. She is slowly learning “drop it” as a command, but she is reluctant.

Charlie loves everything about Ruby.

Charlie has been the dog walker, though she doesn’t love going up hills, and since no one is excited about all the sweaters I bought her, they claim she gets cold too fast. I bought those sweaters for an actual purpose other than how adorable she is in them, but the other humans in this house are slow to catch on.

She pees outside more than she pees inside, and has even barked at the top of our stairs a couple times to let us know she needed to pee!

This is not allowed…and yet. Spoiled dog.

Eddie is in charge of taking her out at home. Every hour that she is awake I will yell down to him to tell him to take her out. He actually likes it. Cortney takes Ruby to work in the mornings, but brings her home to her crate for the afternoons. That means when Eddie gets home from school, he takes her out and then plays with her and cuddles with her until the rest of us get home. He really likes it more than he thought he would.

Alice is not a dog person, but she wants to be.

Alice struggles the most with Ruby. Alice has never really liked dogs–she is sort of afraid of them. But she really wants to be a Ruby person. She loved Ruby since before we got her and would look at the breeder’s pictures and videos of her and just swoon. She loves how cute Ruby is and loves to watch her play, but she gets scared to walk around when Ruby is awake and feeling rowdy. She jumps onto the couch and covers her ears when Ruby barks.

But she WANTS to learn to be a Ruby person and not be afraid. Whenever Ruby is super calm, we encourage Alice to sit by her and pet her. Today she even asked to have Ruby on her lap! Babysteps.

This week Ruby had her first vet visit (other than the ones she had with the breeder for shots and such). The office swooned over her nose roll and Ruby showed out as the cutest English Bull puppy in the land. She is a healthy 12 pounds (she was 6 pounds a month ago).

It’s definitely an adjustment having this wiggly, bossy addition to our family, but I guess we still love her.

She’s lucky she’s cute.