but what about those guts?

Tuesday after work we hit up a local pumpkin patch.

I think that last word is Gourds

As soon as we parked the truck it started to rain.

This one, daddy?

 But a little rain did not deter us from our mission.
After all, we have limited time in our stupid busy schedule for pumpkin choosing.

what? stay in the $6 pumpkins? you are no fun, daddy.

Before getting back in the warm, dry truck, we successfully chose a $6 for Eddie and a $4 for Charlie.

Time to get carving.

someone thought the guts were too gross for touching.

We could NOT bribe this kid to get near those pumpkin guts.

Even when he came to admire daddy’s work?  He didn’t get closer than necessary.

this is as close as i will get.

He crept up a little closer during the next carving…but not too close.

get rid of the guts, momma. seriously.

The finished products…


Even posing with the pumpkins was questionable.

Take 1

Take 2: trying to blow out the candles


The pumpkins were carved.

Now we have to convince him to wear the dinosaur suit on Monday night.