A Typical Sunday

Today was just a typical Sunday in Sluiter Nation, but because of Project 365, I have been taking MANY more pictures of just “typical” things–which means you, my faithful readers, get to see more of our “typical” lives. Lucky you! 🙂

So here are a few things you will find if you were a fly on the wall on any given Sunday….

Cortney feeding Louis a fiber-laced “treat” of a meal: soft cat food mixed with Meijer brand fiber. Hey, the cat is old. He doesn’t know we are “softening” him up, he just thinks he gets a Sunday delight each week!

Cortney paying bills. Yup, Sundays are bills day. Cort busts out his cute glasses and plants himself in front of the computer downstairs and makes sure our lights and cable stay on, our phones still work, and our house is not taken away. He’s been in charge of this for all 3 1/2 years of our marriage, and nothing has been shut off or taken away, so he must be doing a great job!

Me doing various projects. Sundays are usually reserved for reading or doing projects…you know…those things you all are always asking me where I find the time to do them? I guess the answer is Sundays! Today I worked on getting my Project 365 album caught up. In fact, all three of the pics on this blog were put into the book today. Thanks to Trisha, I found out that Picasa3 (a free picture-editing download from Google) can help me to do cool stuff to my pictures. So not only was I printing a bunch, but I was editing them too. That is why I am all curled up on the living room floor.
Just a day in the life of the Sluiters! And don’t forget…Thursday is the BIG DAY!!! We find out if Baby Sluiter is Baby GIRL Sluiter or Baby BOY Sluiter! Oh my!

Prenatal Home Chores

Lots of people have been asking us how things are coming with getting ready for Baby Sluiter to arrive. Do we have the nursery done? Have we shopped for baby furniture? Have we started on the unfinished rooms downstairs? With only five months until my due date, you would think this overly prepared, list-making, organizational freak would have all of those things checked off and ready to go.

In actuality, the answer to ALL of those questions is…no.

We DO however have a list (see…I DO have a list) of Prenatal Home Chores…things we would like to see done BEFORE our new resident moves in. And we HAVE started those.

Last weekend, while being snowed in, I tackled the downstairs closet while Cortney built us some new bookshelves for the downstairs family room.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO love organization, but I underestimated the amount of crap I had jammed into that closet. That look on my face was NOT staged. That was me mid-whine.

I did get it done that afternoon…with room to spare! This was the important part. I was hoping there would be some room to move stuff in from…well…you will see if you keep reading.
Cort got the bookcases together and put into place. The stuff on them isn’t “right” yet, but that is a job for me…later. But we now have room for more stuff. The goal is to make the family room more kid-friendly. We used to have shelves of 1000’s of CD’s sitting there just waiting for a toddler to yank from the shelves. Not so good. Now, we will hopefully be able to put kid stuff like books on the bottom shelves, and non-kid things, like records and such on the higher shelves.
The next task is the nursery. Yeah…this is it right now. Not good.
It’s basically a hodgepodge of crap that we don’t know what to do with. In the beginning it was a spare room/office. Now it is a dumping ground/ironing room/storage for off-season clothing room/baby gift storage. In short, it’s a headache. Now you know why I had to clear space in the downstairs closet. I need room to pack our crap. It’s probably not surprising either that I keep the door to this room CLOSED.
So our goal in the next couple weeks is to clear out this room of everything NOT baby-related. After that, we can tackle the two unfinished rooms (another bedroom and a bathroom) in our basement. Can we do it all in five months? I guess that really IS the question!

Project 365

A couple friends of mine, Trisha and Amy, recently made me aware of this sweet new scrapbooking project called Project 365 created by Becky from Creating Keepsakes Magazine (that’s a mag for nerdy scrapbookers…like me!). The idea of the project is to take a picture or collect some sort of item each day of your life for one full year. Trisha, Amy, and I all purchased a kit that is offered that helps you put it all together very easily without a lot of the regular scrapbook fuss…which I don’t need since I already have 2 projects going on, with a third in the, uh, oven. 🙂

Anyway, Trisha decided to post some of her pics to her blog, and I thought that was a pretty fun idea, so I thought I would post a few from time to time. Here are the Days of Sluiter Lives so far THIS week…

Monday, January 5: First day of work of 2009. Both Cort and I were a PILE of excitement to get our stuff together and head out to work. Or maybe not?

Tuesday, January 6: Doctor’s appointment day! I know you’ve seen this pic before…in the post below! I mean come on…how could this NOT be the pic of the day?
Wednesday, January 7: Cort gives his new Wii game, Animal Crossings: City Folk, a try WITH his new Wii Speak, of course. So yes, he is playing a video game AND talking to Ben while Ben plays HIS game…and they can visit each other’s cities…oh it’s hours of fun…apparently!
Thursday, January 8: Oh man…BLT night here at the Sluiters. This is always fun because A) there is bacon involved. B) Cort takes over the “cooking” for the night and C) bacon is involved
I won’t be posting EVERY week…but from time to time…you will see little updates on how I am doing with Project 365!

What to do in a Winter Wonderland….

Friday, while I was in school, it started to snow. A lot. It snowed and snowed and snowed. By the time I got home, Cortney was already outside trying to shovel some of the mounds of snow away from the garage. And of course, as the snow fell in piles, we had plans to drive back out to Wyoming for the school play, Pinocchio. A fleeting thought of aborting the plan crossed my mind, but I knew it meant a lot to my students, so Cort and I sucked it up, and head out.

We were NOT disappointed! The sold out show was amazing! Wyoming Park is creating quite a tradition of putting on outstanding shows, and this one was not out of step with that tradition. In the program was a list of the people who donated. This year they listed us as “Senora Sluiter and Sluiter Nation.” Ha ha! That was pretty fun! The show was just as funny. There were lots of kids in the audience and they sat captivated as the story of Pinocchio unfolded. As we stood for the ovation, a big old tear of pride flowed down my cheek. Dang…when did I become so sappy?

By the time we got home Friday night, we had about a million inches of snow (ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but we DID get a bunch of snow)! Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of the snow blower running outside. I can’t say I love that sound…not because I don’t love to get OUT of the driveway, but because I don’t love the snow. Brrrrr.

Once the snow was cleared out, Cortney and I headed out to finish up our shopping. We are so close to being done…it’s such a great feeling! We visited both the Holland mall and the Grandville mall. Definitely fewer people in Holland.

Lucky for us we were also able meet the Visels for a movie and dinner since they were in Grandville shopping too! Small world! Also lucky for us, the bad weather seemed to detract the masses from the movies and the deliciousness that is the Olive Garden, so we didn’t have much of a wait either place. It was lots of fun to be on a “double date!”

Today, I decided to wrap all that we bought. Oh my. After more than four rolls of wrapping paper, I finally emerged from the pile only to go out and buy a few more things that I just did NOT have the strength to wrap anymore today.

I also finished making all of our Christmas cards today. There they are drying on the kitchen table. This evening, when they were finally dry, I stuffed all the envelopes. Who knew Christmas was so much WORK!?!
Cortney kept busy today too. He thought the birds were probably hungry, so he shoveled a path to get to the feeder and fill it. Those dang birds better appreciate it!

What a busy weekend! We got everything done we aimed to do, no thanks to any help from Louis! However, I think Louis had the better idea of just curling up on a soft blanket and snoozing the cold, snowy weather away.

Shots and Cement

No one was spared any excitement today! The morning started with Louis’s yearly trip to the vet! Doesn’t he look excited?

The vet was very impressed with Louis’s good behavior during his examination. He didn’t even hiss or cry when he got his shots! So now he is all caught up on his rabies shot, so he can bite you and you’ll be fine. Fun times!
Equally as fun is the fact that cement was mixed and poured today! Look at all those bags of cement waiting to become a part of our home! All in all 12 94-pound bags of cement, 2 1/2 yards of gravel, and 7 beers were used to make our cute little patio.
Cortney took a half day today to accomplish this huge feat. He didn’t do it alone, though! My dad, who also took a half day, came over with all the proper equipment…including my grandpa Riemersma. They developed quite a nice assembly line: Grandpa mixed, Dad transported the cement from the mixer to the patio hole, and Cort shoveled and spread the dumped cement.
That’s a whole lot of work being dumped!
But it was all worth it! Look at that smooth -looking patio!
Cortney finally sent my dad home around 9:30 tonight, and came in himself around 10:00 and took a shower and drank a beer. Big day! However, as you can see below, just before I took this picture of him finally relaxing, I reminded Cort that now he can get started on finishing the basement! Yeah!

Framing It In!

Even the rain couldn’t stop the Patio Project from moving forward today! My dad was over today around 11:00 am and he and Cort went to work! First they broke up the little cememt pad that was original to the house. Then they put in two frames for two cement pad next to each other. I’m told this will provide a place for the cement to shift so that, theoretically, the cement won’t crack.
This is the last step before cement will be poured, hopefully on Monday! If the weather holds this week, we will have a patio by next weekend!

A Water Snafu

As you know, we have been SLOWLY working on creating a patio behind our house off downstairs slider. Today my dad came over and was prepared to help Cort start framing off our patio preparing it for concrete. They ran into a slight snafu…standing water. Remember all that rain we’ve had in the past week? Apparently we now have quicksand in our backyard. If we went ahead and let it dry and put concrete over it, eventually the clay under the patio would still collect water, it would freeze in the winter, and we would have a cracked patio on our hands. Not so wonderful.

As a solution, my dad found out about tiling–basically putting a big tube under the concrete that has lots of holes in it to soak up the excess water. This tube is connected to a series of more tubes that drains the water out past our yard into the woods. The tubing was cheap, but it did mean a bunch more work. While Cort went to Lowes for tubing, my dad dug the whole trench. Yeah, he’s a machine. There he is taking a Sprite break on our deck. Hey dad!Once dad had the trench dug, they put the tubes in it and Cort worked on filling it all back in. Now he just has to make the lawn pretty again. Oh, and wait for the water to dry up in the patio area so he can bury the tiling tube.
Yup, we are watching water dry here at our house. Seeing as it took about a month for the melted snow to dry up back there, I am not holding my breath for the patio to be done by our party in two weeks…but you never know! If we get some nice, dry days, you all may be sitting on the finished patio after all. Otherwise you will be keeping the small children out of the quicksand. Either way, it will be entertaining!

Sand in the Hole

As many of you know, this has been the scene in our backyard for quite some time (well, at least seven months). There has been talk of a patio under our deck for awhile now, and many of you ask how it’s going. We always chuckle, because this is how it is going. However, Thursday, something miraculous happened. Cort got 5 yards of filler sand delivered to our house! He stopped by the place on Waverly across from Ice Cream Junction, and found out it was far less money than he origianlly thought it would be, so Thursday night, as I sat in the garage, up drove a big truck and dumped a load of sand in the unfinished part of our lawn.
Clearly Cort was excited about the new chore he had of moving the sand to the back hole.
Whew! Hard at work! It’s mostly filled now. With the rain we got over the last couple days, Cort is waiting for it to become less soupy so he can smooth it out and fill in more if it has settled.
The next step will be framing it in and then my dad will come over and mix up some concrete! People, we may have a patio for the June 29th party after all! Maybe we will have to change it from a graduation party for me to a patio completion party for Cort! Stay tuned!

A Dash of Color

This week being spring break for me, and with the Sluiters not into traveling over spring break, I needed a project…er…I needed a project to direct. After staring at our kitchen walls for a few weeks, I decided they needed some color…some PUNCH! So Cort and I went to Lowes and for a few more weeks, little color samples stuck to the walls. Week by week the number of those samples decreased, until we had our color: Hubbal House Parajarito Red. So Sunday night I cleared out the kitchen and Cort taped to avoid my messy painting technique getting on the rest of the kitchen.
Did I mention I hate heights and climbing? Oh, and most of our kitchen is high up…I think Cort ended up doing more than he planned on MY project!
But I think it turned out really well! With my taste for color and Cort’s excellent handy-man skills, we hammered it out Monday night. Nice!

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