Project 365 {Week 17}

I am getting seriously annoyed that the weeks are flying by so quickly.

But they are so full…of joy…of laughter…of frustration…of tears…

of poop…of spit up…

of cuddles…of hug…of kisses…

did I mention laughter?

Oh yeah.

April 22: Bath night for my stinky boys

April 23: My "summer" drink

April 24: started my DSLR class. (which makes this picture ironic)

April 25: Eddie is home with me and Charlie, so we hit Target. He gets trucks for being a good helper.

April 26: Pure Awesome in the mail from a hot Canadian chick who is now less one gall bladder.

April 27: Another day home with both boys

April 28: Lots of picture hanging.

How sad is it that I started a DSLR course this week and only two of my seven pics are taken with it?

It’s sad.

Thank goodness for my phone or this project 365 would be dang bust!

I also realize there is a lack of baby pictures to ogle; I apologize for that.

Next week I will be better.

In the meantime, happy anniversary to my parents.

Thirty-nine years is nothing to sneeze at, if you ask me.