Packing for the Hospital

I’m days away from having my third baby (ON FRIDAY!  WOOT!), and I decided it was probably time I start thinking about packing for the hospital.

Eddie was the only baby I actually went into labor with (if you don’t count my early labor with Alice), so he was the only one I packed a bag for and then just waited. He was also the only one who I packed an actual suitcase for…AND the diaper bag. I laugh every time I think about it.

Seriously? New mom much?

Seriously? New mom much?

I packed a million things, you guys. In my defense, the internet told me to. Really! If you go to BabyCenter or google what to pack for your hospital stay, you get these LISTS! ALL OF THE LISTS! WITH ALL OF THE THINGS ON THEM!

Whenever I look at this picture I roll my eyes because WHERE DID I THINK I WAS GOING? I had no reason to think I would have a C-section at the time, so this was all for one, maybe two, nights? Plus I think I packed 10 different outfits for Eddie. In the end, I didn’t put him in “real clothes” until we were leaving.

And then even WITH a C-section and staying three nights, I didn’t read a book!  I didn’t do a million clothing changes. In fact, I just sat in my gown until the last day because I couldn’t wear it home.

Charlie was a planned repeat C-section. I packed my bag the weekend before (my C-section was on a Tuesday). The bag (just one) that I packed was a Thirty-One Utility Tote. Not even the giant one, but the medium one. I knew I would be there for three nights, but would probably stay in my gown until after the first night because of the IVs and the catheter.  I packed a LOT smarter the second time around.

And this time around, I’m even smarter. Less is more, in my opinion. I mean, the hospital really has almost everything I need.  This is my list:

  • two pairs of comfy jammy pants (one to wear in the hospital, one to go home in)
  • two comfy jammy tops (see above)
  • fuzzy socks
  • a bra and a pair of granny undies (because C-section incision)
  • breast pads
  • shampoo and conditioner in small, travel-size bottles
  • my own soap (otherwise you have to use hand soap. not cool) and face wash and deodorant
  • a brush and a pony tail holder
  • a little bag with lip balm, my meds, and my reading glasses
  • a jammy for Alice
  • my cord blood collection kit
  • a blanket to tuck around Alice because it will be cold when we go home
  • my phone & charger and maybe my Chromebook.
  • my own pillow

That’s it.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I have really simplified since my mega-suitcase fiasco from six years ago. I feel like the simplifying isn’t just with hospital bag-packing either. As far as most outings with kids/babies go, I don’t go as overboard as I did with Eddie. Instead of packing the car with every single piece of baby gear we may possibly need, I usually just throw my Moby in the back and shove some diapers, wipes, and bottles in the diaper bag.

How about you? Were you an over-packer when it came to your hospital stay(s) or a “simple” packer?


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