Project 365 {week 40}

WEEK 40?!?!


This means there are only 12 more weeks left in 2012. Yeah. I know.


September 30: when did he turn 12? Seriously.

October 1: My first Students of the Month board is “live”. Not bad for my first time.

October 2: Sums up the day: sweet with a side of annoyance.

October 3: First time bathing together. They loved it.

October 4: Brothers playing together

October 5: My boys come to my school for the homecoming football game.

October 6: Baby shower for my sister-in-law Sarah and her baby girl, Maria

Somewhere in this week I also broke down.

And as usual, my boys put those pieces together with school glue and glitter and hugs and kisses.

And then this supposed kidney stone pain showed back up this weekend.

I have doubts about this “guess” of a diagnosis, so I will probably be calling my doc on Monday.

Just because I like some medical reassurance rather than guesses.

So we move on to the next week.

And hope for good things and good news.

Project 365 {week 36}

Oh friends.

No matter how prepared we were, this week’s changes brought on some shock to our systems.

Sept 2: when did this guy start sitting up by himself in his tub?

Sept 3: Cuddling this guy a lot in preparation for the big change of all day, every day daycare.

Sept 4: long first day, but love coming home to this! So Big!

September 5: This happened.

September 6: Doing work.

Sept 7: we survived the first week of school so we celebrated with snuggles.

Sept 8: fun with friends.

The week started with a lazy Sunday and ended with a puking 3yo who was so overtired from all the changes in one week, his body didn’t know what else to do but spew.

The week was good, but it was definitely a shock to the system.

I am back to school…

Eddie and Charlie are in daycare full time, getting up earlier than they are used to…

Cort is back in class 2 nights a week and bowling league one night a week.

We are exhausted.

But this is just the transition.

Soon this all will become the normal.

We are praying that happens soon.

Project 365 {week 35}

I don’t know about you,  but with the shift to September and school starting, I feel like the weather should be cooler.

That should be mandatory.

Anyway, school is starting…our new schedule is beginning.

August 26: despite this face, he really does love sweet potatoes.

August 27: Doing a little crafty craft for my classroom.

August 28: First day back to work. This is when I want to go to bed. SO TIRED.

August 29: Oh my word I miss this boy when I am working.

August 30: stressful day = huge diet coke therapy.

August 31: Doin’ work…or going to do work.

September 1: Getting to see the best friends, Erin & Tonya.

So here we go.

We have tomorrow off for Labor Day (hug a union worker!), and then Tuesday it’s on.

Cort will be gone three nights a week for bowling league and class.

I will be back to work full-time with students.

The boys will be full-time in daycare.

Let the madness of fall begin.

Project 365 {week 34}

How is it back to school time already?

24 weeks off from work went by SO FAST.

And yet, here we are.

The week I return to my {new} classroom.

August 19: The beginning of our fence…can you tell why we want it? Hint: Our lawn is to the LEFT.

August 20: This photo pretty much sums up our enter summer.

August 21: First graham cracker.

August 22: John Ball Zoo with Jen {Buried with Children) and her kids


August 23: Pig Pile!!!

August 24: My classroom slowly comes together.


August 25: Just a stop at my classroom…but oh…where did that BOY come from?

There it is.  Our last week of summer break.

Tuesday I will be officially back at school.

Wednesday Cort will officially start back to class for the semester

Sept 4, students will walk through my classroom door.

And we will begin a new season.

Project 365 {week 33}


This was a tough week, but a blessed week.

Charlie got two teeth, turned 5 months, started solids, & started rolling to get places.

It was also the anniversary of Cort’s dad’s death.

And I was re-evaluated by a psychiatrist and found to have more issues.

There were more tears than usual this week.

And yet…

SighAugust 12: first taste of solids. He was unimpressed.

August 13: 5 months old. and unimpressed with the camera in his face.

August 14: out to the bakery for a treat while we talk about Papa and his trip to heaven.

August 15: And he is rolling as transportation now.

August 16: Our last day just the two of us before I go back to work.

August 17: The three things that keep me going.

August 18: Chilling after a long day of yardwork with daddy and shopping with mommy.

…even though the week was emotionally challenging, at the end of each day, we have each other.

We have so much love in this family.

When we cry, we lean on each other.

When we laugh, we lean on each other.

We are blessed.

Project 365 {week 30}

The last full week of July was super fun for the Sluiters!

No one can accuse us of not trying to do ALL the summer things this year, that’s for sure.

July 22: maxing and relaxing happened at the cottage

July 23: Beach day. Grandma is packing heat.

July 24: more water, this time with Grandpa’s boat.

July 25: piggies are yummy

July 26: a baby in seersucker pants. because obviously.

July 27: brothers loving each other before Eddie goes camping.

July 29: while Eddie and daddy camp, mommy and Charlie snuggle.

And now I eagerly await the return of my eldest son and my wonderful husband from their camping trip.

As nice as quiet is, life is a bit empty without them here.

Darn it, Mark.  You were right.


Speaking of Mark, please go read this piece I wrote about his family. It’s important.

Also, I wrote a Top Ten list for Baby Gizmo of the baby gear items I Can’t Live Without.

Project 365 {week 29}

This week sort of felt never-ending.

Yet here it is: the end.

You know how I know this week was cray?  I took all my pictures this week with my phone.

I didn’t pick up my DSLR OR my point and shoot.

Cray. Zee.

July 15: grocery shopping with hair in a scarf. Hot weather, yo.

July 16: new phones!

July 17: I actually get dressed up and do my hair for a bridal shower.

July 18: I walked into Charlie’s room to this.

July 19: grocery shopping for our cottage vacation

July 20: Cortney buys me all the things for burns. Also? Best husband ever.

July 21: packing for vacation with 4 people is more work than with 2 people.

so yeah, we are on vacation.

Well, I am with Eddie and Charlie.

Cort is home because he has to work.

It’s not ideal, but at least we had him with us for the weekend.

So no, Sluiter Nation is not empty.

Don’t try to rob us…you’ll just make Cort scream like a girl.


While I am gone, you can read this letter to Daniel Tosh that I wrote.

And on Tuesday, I will have a post on Borderless News and Views about my friend, Mark, and his partner’s immigration situation. So read that too.

Project 365 {week 27}

This week starts with the first of July.



The temps have soared around the 100 degrees mark all week.

And the humidity was so thick you could have punched it.

But then you would have sweated and melted and just cried.

So instead? We played inside most of the time.

July 1: working on reaching those feet.

July 2: Too hot all week to play outside, so we get creative.

July 3: Eddie has been avoiding the camera, but not avoiding sharing with his brother.

July 4: It was so hot, the baby melted.

July 5: Charlie goes to the mall and sees something he likes.

July 6: Look! I DO have another kid!

July 7: Our Eddie went from absolutely refusing the pool to swimming all over it. SO PROUD!

So July is underway.

It’s going to be a fun month!

Cottage, camping, and pool party!

Summer is so awesome!


For you weekend warrior fans, you have today yet to win a Sluiter Nation coffee mug.

Project 365 {week 25}

This week is always a busy one…well for the past three years anyway…

June 17: Father’s Day

June 18: Our 7th anniversary

June 19: what our mornings look like

June 20: Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park with Trisha, Ben, Joe, and the twins

June 21: had a date with a blogger…ended up with a friend.

June 22: Rockin’ the undies

June 23: Eddie’s 3rd Birthday

I only cried once.

In Red Robin.

Right after they sang to my Eddie.

Because he is not a baby…or a toddler…

He is a KID.


Love that kid.



You with the face.

Yeah you.

Want more of my writing?

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I’ve talked about Private Schools and Charter Schools.

(Homeschooling is coming up on Tuesday.)

I wrote about what teachers really do in the summer.

And about why I am against School Vouchers.

I made a list of how I am going to keep busy with the boys this summer.

I wrote a letter to the Republican Men in the Michigan House of Reps.

And of course I made a summer reading list.

There you go.

Project 365 {week 23}

This week my maternity leave was officially over.

You would think I wouldn’t notice since it was also the start of summer break.

But I was at work four of the seven days this week.

The theme this week?  Pack it, move it out.

The DSLR? Was no where to be found in this madness of a week.

June 3: Cort helps me take down my classroom

June 4: This guy comes to help me pack up my desk and closet.

June 5: This is what bath night looks like. Squeaky Clean!

June 6: first work meeting since going on maternity leave. From 8-4. I am thrilled.

June 7: The last glimpse of room 167.


June 9: Let the potty training begin.

We are on Day 3 of Potty Training as you read this.

I may not survive.