One Month

Dear Alice,

Oh sweet girl, we made it through the first month of your life. Can you believe it? Nope. We can’t either.

2015-04-06 16.46.32

It’s been a whirlwind of activity. It’s definitely true that by your third child, things just move quicker and there is no time for blinking or you’ll miss something.

Our first week was pretty laid back–you slept or ate or pooped.  That was really it. So I slept a lot too since part of the time we were in the hospital and part we were home with daddy. You and I spent about 10 days just recuperating from your moving day from womb to outside world.

Then it got real, as they say.

2015-04-06 17.22.21

At your appointment five days after birth, you had already gained back to your birth weight (you left the hospital a dainty 7lbs 10oz) plus a couple ounces. By your two week appointment you were rocking over nine and a half pounds. Still our tiniest baby, even at a month, you are still in newborn size for jammies and some pants. You’ve pretty much grown too long for newborn onsies, though and are graduating to 3-month size.

You are eating like a champ; already averaging almost 4 oz per feeding. Daddy just bumped you to the #2 nipples so you would stop falling asleep after an ounce in the middle of the night.  He likes to go back to bed, you know.

So I have already packed some things away as DONE: newborn onsies and #1 nipples. The door has closed on those things.

2015-04-06 17.22.35

Your sleeping/eating patterns are starting to become, well, patterns.  Your last feeding for each night is between 10pm and 11:30pm and then you will go about four hours, but that seems to be increasing too. Then you sleep for about three hours before your first morning feeding. I can usually get one or two good “naps” out of you where you sleep by yourself in your bed. The rest of the time you prefer to snooze on me.

2015-04-06 17.26.10

Which brings me to your sleep preferences. You took a turn that made me give you side-eye, my dear. For about a week and a half you suddenly would ONLY sleep on me or daddy. That gave me a nervous twitch because Eddie did that for about a YEAR or more. It was awful.

Daddy thought maybe you got cold in the night and we were also reminded that Charlie always liked to be tightly swaddled, so we busted out a fleece baby wrap and tried it out. It was, as they say, a GAME CHANGER.  You are now a lovely sleeper…in your own bed.

2015-04-06 17.22.27

In your first month you have also had your baptism and celebrated both Charlie and my birthdays. You’ve already been to daycare for a few hours while I took Eddie to a movie this week. You also celebrated your first Easter. Well, you didn’t do a lot of celebrating; you really just were there. But it sure was fun to dress you up in a pretty dress.

Ok, enough stat talk.

Alice, my love, you have changed my life.

Before you, my life revolved around raising good, kind men. I was a boy mom and I took great responsibility in that. I am still a boy mom, and my job with Eddie and Charlie is still very important, but now I am also a girl mom.

Looking into your eyes as I feed you does something to my heart. The way you stare into my eyes looking for comfort and love with your nourishment fills my heart with a determination to be a better woman. To be someone you can look up to with pride. To be a good role model for you.

And to get Starbucks and pedicures with you.

2015-04-06 17.27.24

One minute I will be getting all teary-eyed at how much I love you and how I will live up to be being the best mom possible for you, the next you are tooting in my hand and giving me side-eye.

You SO fit into this family, my Alice Beans.

Let’s keep up the fun!

I love you,



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a one month letter

Dear Charlie,

You are one month old today.

Stop that.  Stop that getting older thing right this minute.

Sorry.  I got all cliche on you there for a second.  But really, I don’t think anyone can believe it’s been a whole dang month already since you were sliced out of my belly.

Yesterday we were at the doctor’s office and they weighed you.  10lbs, 4 oz.  Dude.  That is a pound and 2 ounces in like a week’s time.  You are a champ!  Must be because you are averaging about 20-24 ounces of formula a day.

You are such an agreeable baby, my son.

You put yourself on a three-hour schedule almost immediately after moving into our house.  Sometimes at night, you will go four, even five hours at a stretch, but during the day, you want food every three hours.

You sleep really well too.  We will get some awake time where you coo and “chat”, but mostly you eat, poop, and sleep.

Rarely do you get so crabby you can’t be consoled…you’re maybe an anger ball for about an hour once every other day.

Just like your brother, you’ve found the elephant on the wall next to the changing table.  When you’re not mad at me for having your booty cakes out in the breeze, you are happily staring, and sometimes cooing, at that dang elephant.

I’m sorry that I compare you to your brother so much.  It’s hard not to though.  I mean, he’s all I have to say what mothering an infant is like, and you…well you are quite a bit different than he was.

So just for funsies, instead of comparing you in personality and temperament, I’ve got some pictures of you both at this age.

a fresh Eddie

newborn Charlie


Daddy and Eddie bonding

Daddy and Charlie cuddling


Eddie at 6 days for his newborn photoshoot

Charlie at 7 days old for his photoshoot (also with mL photography)


upclose with Eddie

Charlie's close up


And lastly…

Eddie at 4 weeks old

Charlie at 4 weeks

There is a LOT about you two that is alike upon first glance, but that is really where it ends.  Most of my pictures of your brother are of him wide awake and yelling.  The pics I have of you are all of you snoozing.

Eddie was rocking tummy time by four weeks.  You have zero interest in it.  In fact, it’s almost difficult to find time to put you on your tummy.  You’re either eating or sleeping all the time.

But you have one thing in common with Eddie.  You both love to snuggle.

I hope neither of you ever grow out of needing me.

I love you, sweet Charlie Bird.

You make me happy every day.



Oh hey!  The lovely Courtney from GCS Design worked her magic yet again (you’ll remember that she designed my business card and this blog), and whipped up Charlie’s birth announcement.  I am excited to share it with you all!