the post that is not a post

I cannot concentrate on bloggy things tonight.

This is a just going to be a mishmash and I apologize.  I started a post about showing affection, and abandoned it.  Maybe you will get that some day, maybe not.  It’s not ready to come out of my head yet.

Then I was going to try to be all soft and lovely about Eddie.  And then Cort.  But I have a horrible headache.

And then I was distracted by other bloggy obligations and a twitter chat.

So then I am allowing myself to be completely overwhelmed by my four email inboxes AND my facebook inbox and I realize two things:  I have to get on this permission to take grad classes thing for a writing thingy I am doing this summer that I would like to receive credit for AND I just realized I need business cards for this blogging conference I am attending this weekend.

And then my head exploded.

And then Cort swooped in and tried to make me some and they were pretty good, but I really want a tag line on there and I don’t have a tag line for Sluiter Nation.

So of course I start scouring all the blogs I love and end up with a mad case of Tag Line Envy.

And sometime around lunch today I was informed by my body that I am NOT pregnant this month.

I have Tag Line Envy and Lady Times.

And the only way to make this post more random, but possibly save it from being a complete whiney pile of crap is this:

Aw man! Look, mom!


At least it’s spring and we can play outside.

And there are only 9 more days with students until summer break.

At least there is that.

Do you have a suggestion for a tagline for Sluiter Nation?  I need help.