a very, very fine house

I was warned that building a Ginger Bread House with a toddler was a sure recipe for tantrums and frustration.

I was told to have zero expectations except that of a mess.

So I put the expectation bar on the floor.

And we proceeded cautiously.

waiting is the hardest part, so says Tom Petty


this is what the finished product should look like? hmmm...not likely.


moments after he yelled, "be ca-ful, mommy!" a thousand times while I frosted the roof for him.


as you can see, he wanted me to get in and out with that frosting and not fix a thing. Whatever you say, little dude. Also? He is probably giving me MORE instructions as I take this picture.


"hurry up mom, I don't have time for pictures. You need to bust out the red and green frosting already."


clearly tasting the "materials"


House Complete. Wait...that doesn't look much like the picture on the box. In fact...I thought there was more candy than that...


"I have no idea what you are talking about, mommy."

What I learned:

1. My toddler is a control freak.

2. He is more careful than most adults when it comes to placing candy on houses.

3. He would probably give his right foot for candy.

4. We can do crafty things without tantrums and freak outs.

What crafty things have you done to keep your kid from driving you crazy entertain your child(ren) this holiday season?