We’re Being Carried

This has been a rough week.

Many of you have left me lovely, wonderful comments here and via email.

Thank you.

This week we found out Cort’s grandpa is not doing so well.

A good friend of mine pointed out that my anxiety seems to sky-rocket when I am faced with sickness and mortality.  With the overload of work and the possibility of losing someone else that I love very much, I lost control.  I feel deep.

But then I read your comments.

And I remembered Cort’s dad’s favorite poem.

And I realized that right now?  My family and I are being carried.


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Muchas Gracias

I had a bad week last week.  You all know this.  I told you about it, because that is what I do, yo.

Then things started to look up a bit.  I got a day off to get used to the idea.  So I told you about it.

I accepted what I figured would be crappy for awhile, but would then end.  And I accepted it with a heavy sigh.

You all were wonderful. No.  You were MORE than wonderful.  You all spewed words of encouragement and grace all over me.  And I felt your love.

But then?  Then something BIG happened.

Thursday morning, while I was teaching my first hour class, I got a package in the main office.  My principal called my room to ask me if I knew the person.  It was from Jennifer, a wonderful, beautiful, might-just-be-my-twin reader who lives in the area,but whom I have never met in person.

During third hour, I went down to the office, and found a HUGE bag full of art and school supplies that I had listed on my Teacher Wish List.  I sat down in the chair in the principal’s office and wept.

Huge tears of gratefulness and joy streamed down my face as I tried to explain to the office staff that it was from someone who reads my blog who I didn’t know, but that I totally knew.  I know I sounded completely weird.  But I also didn’t care.

And then I brought the treasures back to my classroom.

My students couldn’t believe that someone who didn’t know us would do something so kind.  One student said, “Why did she buy stuff for us?  If she is not from Wyoming?”

I unloaded the goods and we decided we needed to put them to use right away.  Jennifer?  She needed a thanks!

As I set things out, one boy’s eyes got huge and he gasped, “WOW!  they are all brand name stuff!  My MOM doesn’t even buy Crayola!”

Another girl said, “And Elmer’s glue!  And Fiskers scissors…I don’t know if that is a good brand, but look, they were more than a dollar!”

Everyone dived right in to the supplies!  And they took such good care of them!  Way better than the stuff they know I bought!

They all had fun writing Muchas Gracias cards to Jennifer.  And?  They may have just had fun doing arts and crafts, because it meant chatty time with the friends.

My students and I are beyond grateful for such a gift!  I even handed out one of the Kleenex packs that was in there to a student with a cold.

I honestly don’t know how to say thank you for such a wonderful gift.  I wish there was more I could do…but for now?  I will just say….