mean muggin’

The blog world is fun.

It’s a bunch of people who have never “met” (or maybe have a couple times) who like to do funny things.

Like send each other stuff.

Liz dreamed up a mug swap for the holidays.

This year I got in on it.

I wish I had sent a cooler mug to Carri. I had no idea the awesome that I could do.  But anywho…I sent mine off to Carri and tracked it like a mo fo because I was all eager and awaiting a YAY when she got it.

And she did!  She Yay-ed!  It was so nice of her to pretend to be excited!  Ha!

But then I started twiddling my fingers waiting for mine to come.  Who had my name?  Whose mug would I be swigging hot chocolate out of?  I love surprises, but I do get antsy.

But then this lovely thing found it’s way to my door…

Oh yeah. Pure awesomesauce.

Jayme hooked me up with a sweet mug for all my sipping needs!


mmmm....perfect for hot chocolate!


hot chocolate in a cute mug gives me CRAZY EYES!

So THANK you, Jayme!  I love my mug!  And thank YOU, Liz for hosting this!  I already can’t wait for next year.  I have plans…BIG PLANS.