two quick

Dear Charlie…

I don’t remember any two months of my life going by this quickly.

Not even Eddie’s first two months.

In fact, you still seem so little to me, Charlie.  I have to keep looking back at pictures of Eddie at this age to see if he was wearing what I think you will fit into, or doing the things you’re doing, or using the stuff you’re using.

Because it just doesn’t seem possible that you are anything but that tiny little floppy newborn that came home with us two months ago.

But your definitely NOT floppy anymore.  More like bobbley.

You can hold your head up between a 45 and 90 degree angle when you do tummy time on your boppy.

But truth be told, you prefer that I “stand you up” because you recently found your feet, and you have a better view that way.

And when I do this?  You lock those little legs, straighten that back up, and hold your head completely still for a few seconds before it wobbles a bit.

You are so strong!

Your 2-month appointment is not until Friday, but you still have that annoying plugged tear duct.  We might have to take you to an optometrist to have it unclogged…I’m crossing my fingers that the doc thinks it will do it on it’s own.

Your mystery “butt bump” is pretty much gone.  Sometimes we will see it inflame a little, but it’s mostly not even noticeable.  I hope to have this confirmed with the doc too, so everyone can stop worrying about it.

Your personality is sprouting and growing like crazy.

Although you sleep so much!

I mean, I know babies sleep a lot, but I have to ask the internet daily if babies really sleep this much.  (I am assured, yes, yes they do).

But when you are awake, you crack me right up.

You are starting to coo and “talk” all the time.  I like to think you’re going to be a story-teller like your mom (and brother), but we’ll see.  You are pretty chill like your dad, so maybe you’ll keep your stories until someone asks about them, like he does.

You’ve started actually interacting when you are awake too.

You like like to look into our faces (while we look back at you.  You get mad if you feel we may be ignoring you for whatever is on TV or our computer screens) and react to our facial expressions.

Your smile slays me.  Usually it’s in response to me smiling at you, but every now and then you smile out of nowhere like you just thought of something hilarious that you’re probably not going to share…or your laughing at me.  It’s one of those things.

Oh and you have found your hands!

Just this week you have started concentrating on those things at the ends of your arms and how you can move them at will. Which usually means putting them together in front of you and then bringing them right up to your mouth to lick and suck on.

You are a very scheduled little guy.  We didn’t have to try very hard either. You came home as an “eat every three hours and sleep the rest of the time” kind of guy and we are following your lead with changes you need.

Right now you like to eat 4 or 5oz, poop, play/chat, and then promptly fall asleep for anywhere from 2-4 hours at a stretch.

There are rarely times when you are just mad with no reason.

You love being moved around the house to look at “new” surroundings, so I put you in your bounce seat and take you with me while I do laundry or other tasks.

Speaking of your bounce seat, you love it.

In fact, you will even nap in it.

Another sure fire way to get you to sleep is put you in the Moby.

I love how close you and I are.

You love to be on me or near me at all times.

If I have been gone, the minute I get back, you turn to my voice.

If you are having a hard time calming down, I can always help by putting my face close to yours and quietly “shh shh shh-ing” near your ear.  You’ll immediately turn into me, so our faces touch, and quiet down and doze off.

If you had a choice to sleep on/near me or anywhere else in the whole world? You would pick me 11 of 10 times.

All this is so new to me.

And it’s going by way too fast for my liking.

It is SO fun being your mom because I get to watch you do this every day!

Can’t see the video?  Click here.

I love you, my Charlie Bird…


Oh, and I have a WINNER for the Self-care package…it’s….

YAY KIM!!!  I emailed you and you have 48 hours to get back to me before I choose a new winner.