what 6 months looks like {then and now}

As of this week I am officially starting the 6th month of this pregnancy.

My weight gain has been almost identical to when I was pregnant with Eddie.  I think I’ve gained maybe three pounds so far and over a pound of that is baby.

This is what I looked like around this same week when I was carrying Eddie:

six months pregnant with Eddie and feeling great

I remember thinking I looked soooo big!  I also remember feeling really great.

People were always asking if I was tired or sore and I just wasn’t.  I loved being pregnant by this point.  It was easy and I felt pretty cute with my bump.

This time?

Not so much.

Here I am now:

24 weeks (6ish months) with Charlie...and FEELING it.

Now I just feel…big.

I do not feel even a little bit cute this time.  I feel large.

Maybe because my placenta is low.  Maybe because Charlie likes to hang out in the lowest spot possible.  Maybe because I hardly have any cold weather maternity clothes that fit me (Eddie was born in June and I didn’t need BIG things until about March, when I could get away with short sleeves).

I am also waaay more tired than last time.  I give Eddie ALL the credit for that.

Other than that, I really don’t have complaints.

Things seem to be chugging along just fine.  Next week I have my glucose test (ick) and another OB appointment where I will be scheduling another ultrasound to make sure my placenta is behaving and hopefully movin’ on up as my uterus grows.

And just like with Eddie, I am feeling overwhelmed with what needs to get done, and totally blessed at the same time.

Also like before I know that if none of our plans for Eddie’s room get done and Charlie has to sleep in a bassinet in our room until we can afford to finish Eddie’s room…it will work out.

It will.

But I would feel better if we could just get it done, ya know?

So I am off to find a money tree…unless you all have a better idea for how to get carpet, blinds, bedding, a mattress and a dresser in the next three months.


No?  Well then.

Off to find the money tree.

And enjoy Charlie’s little kicks.