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Today I am SO excited to have Cheryl from Mommy Pants here!

Cheryl’s was always a blog I stalked in silence because I was in awe of her fabulous writing.  I love her no-nonsense personality that comes out in her writing, which is probably why her sweet, soft posts mush my  heart so.

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I am so excited to be over here at Sluiter Nation today. Katie, as you all know, is also one of the uber-talented hosts of The Red Dress Club. And anyone who spends even a nanosecond reading her blog(s) knows how freaking talented she is.

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“What? What? Did you say “Mommy”? David, did you hear that?”

“No. I didn’t hear anything.”

“He said it. He did!”

“Da-dee, Da-dee.”

“Did you hear THAT?”

There was no mistaking it.

At two years and two months, my baby boy, my sweet, adorable, feisty, severely speech-delayed baby boy finally said Daddy. And Mommy, too – I heard it!

You absolutely celebrate these small milestones when your child has speech delay.

He has said Dada for a long time. But he only started saying Mama within the past six months; he just screamed when he wanted me.

Getting the “ee” as a second syllable was not happening. Poopy is “poopoo.” Cookie, until the other day, was “coo-coo.” It seems like a pretty easy thing, doesn’t it, changing sounds. And yet, for those kids who struggle putting those sounds into words, it’s a big deal.

A really big deal.

Getting speech therapy in The OC (otherwise known as Orange County, and yes, I’m a real housewife there, minus the “enhancements”) involves a lot of frustrating red tape. It took us four months from his evaluation to get him into therapy.

He’s gone an hour a week for the past six weeks.

And I can see it all start to happen for him.

This week we’ve had “airplane” instead of “ahcog.” “Truck” instead of “Guck guck.” We’ve had three and even four-word sentences – “Mama no milk, Daddy” – when I told him he couldn’t have any.

Six weeks ago, we’d have had tears. Now we have a boy who wants to narrate everything that happens in that uniquely toddler way, where no thought or activity goes unsaid.

I’ve had mothers ask why I have him in therapy when he’s “so young.” It makes me angry. Because, honestly? I don’t want to hear about how so-and-so didn’t speak til s/he was three and then it was in complete sentences, so why was I bothering?

I’m THAT mom. The one who does everything possible to help a child who has become frustrated and is throwing more tantrums and, in the case of my formerly speech-delayed daughter, became socially withdrawn.

I’m THAT mom.

I’m also that Mommy.

I swear, I heard him say it. I so did.


What lengths would you go to in order to ease your child’s frustration?

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