When Things Go Right

Being a teacher is difficult. This is a truth I will never deny. It can get easy to sit and list all the challenges and frustrations, and I have done a LOT of that so far this school year.

(This is where we all pour one out for Cortney and his tired ears.)

But there is a reason I stay in teaching, and it ain’t the paycheck or the benefits (although THANK YOU, UNION AND SCHOOL BOARD FOR MY PAYCHECK AND MY BENEFITS!). It’s days like today.

Today was not anything spectacular either. We didn’t do any big projects or presentations. I didn’t have any fancy lesson or activity. It was just a regular day in 8th grade, but things went right.

Most students came into class and, after hearing that I still didn’t have much of a voice (see sinus infection post from yesterday), quieted down quite quickly to allow for me to give directions for the bell ringer, announcements about the school play, and remind them what they will be working on for the day and why.

Then they got to work.

No really, they did.

Students either worked on their vocab that is due tomorrow, or they worked on their tribute essay that is due tomorrow. I walked around handing back things and making sure everyone had something to work on, then I settled in and started opening their working documents and having “silent conferences” via the comments in Google Docs.

A few kids had actual conferences because there was more I wanted to say/comment on than just in writing, but overall, most kids worked quite hard and smart.

Then we played a review game with our vocab words for the last 15 minutes of class.

That’s it.

Nothing fancy in the least.

But it all felt good because kids were engaged, I was coaching them through it, and–the best part–I read some of the best writing they have done yet this school year.

We have days were we do really, really cool things. Today was just a typical day, but it was pretty awesome.

This is why I teach.