light in crowded spaces

When we bought our house eight and a half years ago, the thing I loved the most about it was the front window.

The house was unfinished and as we walked around on the sub-floors, I tried to picture furniture we didn’t even have yet in each room.

I tried to imagine how I would fill all the rooms with lovely things that made it feel like a home.

I couldn’t comprehend that this space would ever feel small or cramped.

We were just two, soon-to-be-married, twenty-something kids and this was so much space for just two.

Never did I understand how baby things and toddler toys and little boy treasures would fill it up to bursting.

Some days all I can see are the crowded cupboards and overflowing bins.  I focus only on what takes up space.

But other days, when the light shines in and a cool breeze blows easily through the house and the smell of fresh cut grass wafts up into the house, I am suddenly stopped in my tracks at all this house has done for us in the past eight and a half years.

And I still love the front window the best.

2013-06-09 12.27.28

Baby {and Kid} Honoring

In response to all the dog/baby/mommy shaming pictures that hit the interwebs last week, my friend Alison of Writing, Wishing, ran a link up of baby HONORING pictures.

I got sick and missed the link up, but I wanted to do it anyway because it’s an amazing idea.

So here you go.

…and a face full of cheeseball dust.

…and a great fine motor skills in yanking and grabbing.