Amazing Wonder

Good ole Mama Kat had another fab prompt this week…List your life’s Seven Wonders…the seven most amazing things you’ve seen with your own two eyes.

I couldn’t resist this one…happy, sad, or otherwise, these are the amazing things I’ve seen in my 33.5 years….

#7.  New York City.  Yup, seeing the Big Apple for the first time took my breath away.  I am a small town girl.  Getting off the train in Grand Central Station was totally surreal.  Walking down Broadway felt unbelievable.  It’s like I was in every movie, TV show, or music video where I had seen these sites.

#6. A Massive Thunderstorm in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains (near Beckeley, WV).  Cort and I were driving home from Myrtle Beach (our honeymoon) and got caught in the worst downpour EVER.  To one side of our truck?  A cliff of a mountain that went straight up.  To the other side (my side, mind you), nothing but plummeting to death.  And we couldn’t see out of the windshield.  We pulled over at a rest stop to wait it out and just marveled at a mountain storm.

#5. The Badlands. A few years after being married, Cort and I road-tripped out to Montana for a wedding.  I can’t say I am a huge fan of “out west,” but the Badlands took my breath away.

Cort takes in the Badlands

#4. Cancer destroying a human. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, but it’s amazing nonetheless.  I still can’t wrap my mind around how one rogue cell can infect and destroy everything around it and turn a plump, funny man like this:

To a skeleton version of himself only months later (and this is a good picture.  We don’t have many from the last days):

two months exactly before his funeral.

I will never ever forget what it’s like to witness this sort of horror.  It’s one of the worst, most agonizing things to see happen.

#3. The face(s) of adoption. I have known people who have been adopted and who have adopted children, but witnessing the process firsthand through my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s current journey has been nothing short of amazing.  The kindness of others, the unconditional love for two little people across the world, the forming of a family from two in the USA with two in Ethiopia…it’s been breathtaking.

#2. a living baby on an ultrasound.  After miscarriages and issues with getting/staying pregnant, seeing our baby living and thriving in my womb is awe-inspiring every. single. time.  It’s a good thing Cort squeezes my hand so tight each time…that way I know I’m not dreaming.

baby charlie

#1. meeting the creature who has been living and feeding off of your body for nine months. I don’t know if there is anything in this world more miraculous than the conception, gestation, and birth of a new life.

first family photo ever

The only other thing that could tie with this moment for most amazing is each moment I witness Eddie growing and learning.  The human mind and body are absolutely amazing and mysterious.


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