a letter to his ma ma

Dear Ma Ma,

I need to write this to you because you don’t seem to listen to anyone else.  I know this because I hear what you say and I see what you do.

You don’t think I do, but I am there.

I hear you when you say you are fat and ugly.  I know you cry when you think no one can hear you.  Sometimes I am not sleeping at nap and I can hear you in your room telling yourself how disgusting you are.

I wish you wouldn’t do that, Ma Ma.

Almost every day daddy tells you that you are pretty.  He means it, Ma Ma.  He does.  You are so pretty.  I like your hair.

It makes me sad that you don’t like yourself, Ma Ma.  I heard you say that you want to be healthy.  That you don’t want me to have a “fat mom who wheezes at my soccer games.”  I want you to be healthy too, Ma Ma.  I know that is important.  You are always telling me to drink my milk so I can be healthy and strong, and to eat my yucky veggies so I can be healthy.  And yesterday when you changed my pants you said, “that’s just not healthy, Eddie!  ew!”

So I know being healthy is important to you.  At least me being healthy.  So I want you to be healthy too.

But what you look like doesn’t matter.

You are always telling me that I am handsome like daddy, but people say I look like you, Ma Ma.  And if you think you’re ugly, do you think I am too?  I have your eyes and your nose and your funny little toes.  I am just like you, Ma Ma.

Ma Ma you always tell me that who you are matters so much more than what you look like.  I believe this, Ma Ma, because I don’t care if my friends have boogers or crusty hair if they are sharing with me.  Or they run and swing with me.  Or if they laugh and dance with me.

You do all those things, Ma Ma.  You laugh and dance and sing with me.  You make me laugh harder than anyone.

I love that.

So if that is what matters?  You are the most beautiful Ma Ma in the whole world.

Please believe me, Ma Ma.

And please stop saying bad things about you.  It hurts my heart to see you sad.

I love you so much, Ma Ma.

Love,  Eddie


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