lady in red

In May my friend Emily (whom you may have met here yesterday as my newest Sluiter Nation Recruit), told me about this new blog she was involved with, Curvy Girl Guide, and how they had gotten these awesome swimsuits from Land’s End.  She then went on to tell me that she was going with a group of those bloggers to the Big Apple to prance around on TV in just their bathing suits to promote Swimsuit Confidence with Land’s End.

I thought it was a way cool idea. For them.  Not me.  I hate wearing a swimsuit.  Loathe, in fact.  I used to be a six 6.  Now add a one in front of that while I cry in a corner.  Despise bathing suits.

But then I read this post.

And I realized it COULD be me.

I could have that confidence too.

I could actually like a bathing suit and the body in it.

I was still on the fence about getting a Land’s End suit and seeing for myself when I went off to Gleek Retreat (a blogging conference) and met Heather and Brittany and Holly and Meredith who are all part of the Curvy Girl Guide.

And for the first time in forever, I didn’t feel out of place.  I didn’t feel like anyone was judging me on my pants size.  I didn’t feel like anyone was self-conscious of what they looked like and because of that, no one was scrutinizing each other.

We talked of blogging.  Of nerdy stuff.  Of booze.  Of husbands.

And we laughed.  Oh did we laugh.

After then Emily and my new friends flew to New York.  When they got back, I teared up reading this post about their experience showing NYC their swimsuit confidence.

I ordered a Land’s End swimsuit.  They sold me on it.

Fast-forward to this past weekend.  Yes, the camping weekend.

As we canoed down the Muskeegon River, Cort and I passed a man sitting in a lawn chair in his yard.  He must have been enjoying the glorious weather and watching all the drunks canoers and tubers go by.

All of a sudden he shouts to me, “Hey!  The Lady in Red!  NICE!  You know they wrote a song about you baby!  WHEW!”

I blushed!  I BLUSHED!  No one has cat-called me in years…for sure not since I’ve been married!

Of course Cort yelled back to the guy, “Hey buddy!  Watch it!  This lady is spoken for!” which was ever so cute, I must add.  Cort doesn’t get all territorial like that often.  So I blushed again.

And then I realized something…even if I am not happy with my weight right now?  I look pretty.

I do.

And suddenly?  That guy who was really being a pig, but I took as a compliment…he smacked me in the face with swimsuit confidence.

I tweeted this and Curvy Girls immediately issued a challenge.  They want to see me in this swimsuit.

So here I am….

why yes, my house IS a mess. What of it? I am queen of the Nation!

The Lady in Red…ruling her Nation.  Mess and all.

How about you?  Do you wage a war with swimsuit season or have you found peace?