look at this while I am gone…

This weekend I am going to be too busy with blogging stuff to blog.

Wait.  What?

Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s because I am going to my very first blogging conference!

Gleek Retreat is being held in my home town, and I would be a fool to pass it up!

While I am spending Saturday and Sunday meeting bloggers and learning stuff, I want to leave you with something to look at here in Sluiter Nation.

The lovely and talented Elizabeth created a wonderful community called The Mom Pledge Community.

The whole idea is that we need to love, nurture, and support each other as mothers instead of judging and tearing each other down.

To become a member, you need to take The Pledge and blog about it.

And then put this badge on your blog:
BWS tips buttonI totally have this on my sidebar because I proudly took the Pledge here in Sluiter Nation!

Our community is now almost 300 members strong!

And just this week, Elizabeth put together a really kick-ass video to showcase a bunch of us.

It’s beautifully made and is exactly…EXACTLY…what The Mom Pledge is all about.

So, while I am out learning how to make Sluiter Nation better, I leave you with this…



Have you taken The Pledge yet?

What are you waiting for?