I’ve Never…

A couple weeks ago Mama Kat had a prompt about listing 22 things you have never done.  I liked the prompt because it reminded me of a drinking game we used to play in college, but didn’t have time for it when she posted it.  I decided to return to it today.

I’ve never…

  1. traveled outside the USA other than a couple times to Canada.
  2. taken illegal drugs
  3. gone bungee jumping
  4. failed a class
  5. broken a bone
  6. worn a team uniform
  7. eaten sushi
  8. run away from home
  9. gone on a “tropical” vacation (including resorts and cruises)
  10. enjoyed going over a bridge
  11. owned a dog
  12. cheated on anyone
  13. gone through a divorce (not me or my parents)
  14. had a daughter
  15. been in a tornado/hurricane/earthquake/other natural disaster
  16. had a pregnancy without issues
  17. been arrested
  18. run a race (I’ve walked one, though)
  19. felt ok about the way I look in a bikini
  20. had a surprise party thrown for me
  21. gone scuba diving
  22. been fired

So tell me…have you done anything on this list?  Or am I just a weirdo?  Wait, don’t answer that last part.