On Tuesday I told you 22 things that I have never done.

Your comments cracked me up.

And I realized many of you do have done illegal drugs.  Which seems about right that you like to frequent the blog. I am most hilarious to the non-sober crowd.

Anyway, today I thought I would follow that up with 22 things I HAVE done.

Some I am super proud to put on this list, others not so much.  But here they are….


  1. rolled my car.
  2. gone on spring break with a group of girlfriends.
  3. had three long-term relationships (including Cort) who were all Sagittariuses.
  4. had four pregnancies.
  5. worked freelance for my local newspaper.
  6. only ever had jobs in food service or education–they are more similar than you think.
  7. gotten tattooed.
  8. done missionary work within the USA.
  9. smoked cigarettes (and quit smoking…pretty much all in the same year).
  10. gone on a date out of pity.
  11. become a member of Century Club (if you don’t know what this is, you were probably  more sober than I in college).
  12. gone through a breakup that was so bad I didn’t think I would see the other side.
  13. taught students from grades K-post secondary.
  14. watched almost all my friends from high school move out of state.
  15. been someone’s ride to and from AA.
  16. believed in someone no one else believed in.
  17. survived a mosh pit (ok, more than one).
  18. been told I was loved and needed and respected and then…dropped.  without a word.
  19. battled postpartum AND antenatal depression.
  20. fallen in love with a guy who was never on my radar…and then married him.
  21. questioned theology and religion…but never if there was a God.
  22. flown across the country all alone even though I didn’t think I could do it (and there may have been tears. and I was 33. what?).

So drugies, readers…you wanna spill your list?  Or compare notes?  What have you done?

UPDATE:  One more to add…I submitted a poem to Every Day Poets and it was accepted!  Will keep you posted when you can read it!