dump truck fruit salad

We have never pushed gender specific toys on Eddie.

At daycare, he is surrounded by the ladies and spends his days making delicious snacks in the pink Dora kitchen and rocking “babies” swaddled in blankies.

He loves it so at home he has fruits he loves to cut and share with us and I have put a play kitchen on his birthday list.

But he also loves to play with cars, trucks, and trains.

So we encourage him to explore those interests as well.  The Melissa & Doug trains are on his birthday list as well.

And if we let him play by himself long enough?

He will combine all his loves.  Fruit salad in a dump truck, anyone?

Coming right up.  As soon as we get out of this traffic jam.

What are your kids’ favorite toys?  Do you adhere to gender specific toys or do you let them play with whatever interests them?